‘Days of our Lives’: Stabi Actors Talk Messy Stefan-Gabi Love Scenes & That Time They Ruined a Table

Days of our Lives spoilers promise Stefan DiMera is back in Gabi Hernandez‘s arms soon on the NBC soap. And actors Brandon Barash and Camila Banus talked “Stabi” recently including chatter about some of their messy love scenes, their characters’ chemistry, and that time they wrecked a table. Check out the inside scoop on Stefan and Gabi straight from the actors.

Brandon Barash & Camila Banus Talk to Stefan DiMera & Gabi Hernandez Fans of Days of our Lives

This week, Barash and Banus talked about their alter-egos and answered a ton of fan questions. As they started, Camila Banus revealed she spent a lot of time in the hot tub because she’s got a 17 mm herniated disc that needs surgery. Time off from Days of our Lives, helps the Gabi Hernandez actress’s back pain, though.

Meanwhile, Brandon Barash said his time away from playing Stefan DiMera means homeschooling daughter Harper Rose Barash (with GH’s Kirsten Storms). It turns out his daughter’s in a French immersion school (where they speak no English), so he’s homeschooling with lesson plans in French he can’t even read. Thus, his Days of our Lives hiatus is challenging for him.

One funny moment from the live chat was when someone came onto Camila’s feed and asked, “who’s the dude?” So, it’s someone that likes and follows Camila Banus but isn’t a fan of Days of our Lives. The duo said to fans, “Thanks for supporting Stabi” and then dug into answering an array of questions.

Brandon and Camila Talk First Impressions After Recast

At first, when Brandon Barash came on the set as the Stefan DiMera recast, Camila Banus worried she’d “trample all over him”. Because Camila said, “he was so nice,” and she thought “oh hell no” because she didn’t necessarily see the ruthless Stefan DiMera in him. As for Brandon, something about his Gabi Hernandez scene partner ate at him.

He said they’d been working together awhile on Days of our Lives, and then it struck him one day. Because Camila Banus reminded him of someone, but he couldn’t figure it out. Then he says one day, he was like, “oh my god, you’re Sandra Bullock’s doppelganger”. And the Stefan actor said that Camila’s got “her sh*t together” but also “likes to play”.

Also, Brandon said from their first Days of our Lives rehearsal that “she hit back” in scenes and kept him engaged. Then, he joked that’s an “aphrodisiac in the acting world,” and Camila Banus agreed. F also asked how much rehearsal they get as Stefan DiMera and his love Gabi Hernandez. They said not too much, and the shooting moves fast.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) - Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash)

What About those Stefan DiMera Love Scenes With Gabi Hernandez? Camila Pounced on Brandon…

The pair were asked about their favorite Days of our Lives scene. Brandon Barash said he likes the ones “where I’ve been slapped”. Then, Camila Banus asked, “why do we get so many slap scenes?” Next, Brandon quipped back “because it’s a soap opera”. Then, they talked about their love scenes. Camila Banus said when they do love-making scenes, “it’s funny to me”.

Not long after Brandon came on Days of our Lives as recast Stefan DiMera, he and Camila had a Stefan-Gabi Hernandez love scene. She says the director told her, “just go for it”. It was the scene where Gabi was trying to tempt Stefan, wearing lingerie and his dress shirt. So, Camila said she decides to go for it, as told, and jumped on Brandon Barash.

He laughed and said, “I caught you, too”. Then the Stefan DiMera portrayer said, “she’s a freaking projectile who launched herself at me”. He added, “if I don’t catch her, we’re both going down”. Then, Camila said she it was “one of the funnest and funniest” love scenes she’s done on Days of our Lives. She said, “I literally just jumped on a stranger” since they’d just met.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) - Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash)

That Time Gabi & Stefan Wrecked a Table at the Hernandez House – on Days of our Lives

Then, Brandon Barash talked about a memorable love scene. He said for the Gabi Hernandez love scenes with Stefan DiMera, there’s fake stuff on set. He said sometimes there are flowers or fruit, and it’s almost always fake, but “sometimes the shit is real”. Then, he said it happened when Stefan got busy with Gabi on a table at Rafe Hernandez’s (Galen Gering) house.

On Days of our Lives, Brandon said they “decided to go for it” and “you jumped on me”. So, in the scene, Stefan put Gabi down on the table, “and you straddled me”. He said the “scene was great” but then… they “felt something wet”. Brandon joked, “it wasn’t me”. It turns out while Gabi Hernandez was getting busy with Stefan DiMera, they weren’t paying attention.

Then Brandon Barash said, “I looked down, and we had made ketchup”. It turns out, the tomatoes in the bowls were the real deal, and the Stefan and Gabi love scene crushed them, and they made a huge mess. Camila Banus chimed in on the Days of our Lives love scene memory and said: “that was amazing”.

Other Days of our Lives Spoilers From the Chat – Gabi’s Dad, Ben’s Weird Wedding Snack & Brandon’s Tickle Spot

One viewer asked Brandon if he’s ticklish. He laughed and said, “I want to say so many things right now that I’m not going to do”. Then, fans asked them about working with Sal Stowers, AKA Lani Price. And, both raved about her. Brandon said Sal comes in and “illuminates the entire room”. And Camila added, “she’s amazing” and “such a team player”.

Then, a fan asked if Gabi’s dad, Eduardo Hernandez (A Martinez), was coming back to Days of our Lives. Then, Camila said, “Eduardo might be coming back, but I don’t know when – it might happen”. Later, Brandon joked what “we learned on this call”. Then he rattled off: “I look tired, I talk a lot, I’m a little ticklish, and I bottle things up”. “So, Brandon needs therapy is the moral of this”.

Finally, fans asked about bloopers. Brandon said he has a fave moment where he almost broke character because of Robert Scott Wilson, AKA Ben Weston. It was the Stabi wedding scene. He said Ben was “p*ssed” that Stefan DiMera was marrying Gabi Hernandez. Robert was doing the scene very angrily. Then, Brandon realized Robert was “eating the sh*t out of this Kit Kat” the whole time. He said, “it took everything I had not to lose it during that scene”.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) - Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash)

Soap Fame and What’s Next for Stabi on Days of our Lives

Fans asked if people recognize the actors. Camila and also Brandon said not much in LA. But, “it happens a lot when we travel”. Then, Camila said she was in St Maarten, and there was a “really sweet young local” that keeps “looking at me weird”. She said the guy told her, “I know you — you’re famous.”

Then, Camila assumed he knew Gabi Hernandez and said, “You’ve probably seen me on Days of our Lives“. And the guy said, “what’s that?” It turns out he knew her from what she calls a “little tiny piece of crap Netflix movie”. It’s a boxing movie called Counterpunch. Both the Gabi Hernandez and also the Stefan DiMera actors had a good laugh about that.

As for Stabi, they’re back together soon on Days of our Lives. So, watch for more of Camila Banus and scene partner Brandon Barash as Gabi Hernandez and her soulmate Stefan DiMera on the NBC sudser.

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