‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Kidnapped – Who Took Her & Why

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal someone kidnaps Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) soon. But who grabs her? Is this about her criminal charges for allegedly drugging Abigail DiMera (Kate Mansi)? Or is this something Dr. Rolf (William Utay) does to clap back on the woman he hates? See what’s ahead on DOOL on NBC daytime.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez Out of Jail – Into Hot Water

DOOL spoilers have Gabi Hernandez in a holding cell now, but she’s out soon. Already, Jake Lambert’s (Brandon Barash) got her on his mind. He dreamed Gabi stabbed him with the syringe of memory goo to bring back his life as Stefan DiMera.

Of course, Days of our Lives spoilers confirm Jake doesn’t believe Gabi Hernandez — and is sure he’s not her ex. But the reaction of everyone in town gives him pause. If everybody thinks he’s Stefan, maybe she’s onto something. However, Jake faces more pressing problems.

Recent Days of our Lives recaps recall some goons came to the shop and beat up Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). Meanwhile, Gabi won’t stop pressuring Jake about being her dead husband. So, he’s ready to throw up his hands, then something terrible happens to Gabi Hernandez.

DOOL Spoilers: Jake Lambert’s Got an Ex – Did She Target Gabi?

Days of our Lives spoilers for next week reveal someone snatches Gabi Hernandez. But who kidnapped her? One likely suspect is Dr. Rolf, who hates her for dissing his OG Stefano. However, that’s likely not who it is. The two suspects are Jake’s crazy ex-girlfriend or the thugs after him.

However, Days of our Lives spoilers tease that the men searching for him might be working for the ex. So, Ben heads to find Gabi Hernandez, who’s missing. No doubt, Jake will wind up in the middle of that too. And if he saves her, she’ll be more confident he’s truly Stefan.

So, Days of our Lives spoilers tell us we soon meet Gwen (Emily O’Brien), who’s a bit of a nutter and locked up in Bayview. Is she on the loose and targeting Gabi Hernandez for getting too close to her man? We’ll find out soon after a mystery person kidnaps Gabi, and chaos ensues.

Jake’s Strange Backstory Spills out on Days of our Lives

Other Days of our Lives weekly spoilers promise Jake sits down with Ben and tells him a bit about his messy backstory. Of course, Gabi Hernandez thinks these are all fake memories implanted as part of the resurrection process. However, Jake’s certain his past is legit.

And given that we meet his ex Gwen, maybe Gabi’s wrong and Jake’s right, hint Days of our Lives spoilers. The first thing to do, though, is to save Gabi Hernandez, no matter who’s got her in their clutches. Of course, Ben’s concerned because she’s the widow of his “dead” BFF Stefan DiMera.

So watch next week on Days of our Lives as spoilers confirm Gabi’s kidnapped and Jake’s nutty ex pops up in early June. Could it be a battle of the babes over Jake with Gabi fighting to restore her hubby? Will Gabi Hernandez find out that Jake’s the real deal and not her Stefan? Wait and see.

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