‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Diana Punked John – Leo Not His Kid

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Diana Cooper (Judith Chapman) set up John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart). That DNA test that John found in Marlena Evans’ (Deidre Hall) office might have been a fake. Consider the chain of events that led to him finding it and DOOL might have pulled a bait and switch. Take a look at what Diana might have done to fool John and Leo Stark on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Diana Cooper Faked DNA Test – John Black Not Leo Stark’s Dad?

After Diana Cooper left the penicillin-laced cookies for Marlena Evans, she came sniffing around to see if she’d killed her. Diana was irritated to see Doc hadn’t kicked the bucket yet. She also noticed the envelope of DNA results on her desk, last week on DOOL. However hopeful Leo Stark is that he might have a decent dad, it might not be true.

After all, Diana can’t be trusted. She’s a liar, bad mom, and repeat attempted murderer. So, if these test results are false, then poor Leo might be the unluckiest guy in Salem. He might have a violent, abusive dad and a truly terrible mother too. Right now, he’s thrilled at the idea John Black is his dad. This is a big, life-changing moment for con man Leo on Days of Our Lives.

DOOL Spoilers: Diana Swapped Paternity Test

On Days of Our Lives last week, John Black trusted the test and it was a touching moment when he told his “son” the truth. Little Leo Stark rushed right into John’s arms. It was sweet and brought a tear to John’s eye. Leo is so relieved that the man he killed wasn’t his bio dad. But even better, those test results mean that he’s finally got something good in his life. But is it all a fat fib?

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise that Leo Stark is “heartbroken”. Since he’s got no romantic interest in Salem, it seems this is about him and new dad John. Remember, showrunner Ron Carlivati loves to show one thing on screen then reveal a different twist in a flashback on the same scene later. That could be what is coming soon with the DNA test. Diana Cooper might have swapped them.

Days of Our Lives: Dirty Diana Wrecking Lives

Soon on DOOL, viewers learn about Leo’s heartbreak. He’s usually manipulative and ice cold and not much gets to him thanks to his awful upbringing. Certainly, losing John Black as his dad would crush him. John being his dad meant that he could expect some sort of acceptance in Salem. He ran to Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and said he’d found out he was “half Black” and called him “bro”.

With John Black as his father, Leo Stark has an instant family, even if they don’t want him around. No doubt growing up as an only child in an abusive home, Leo dreamed of something better. That’s what John represents. So, for Leo to get a better family then have it snatched away is life-destroying. And something that Diana Cooper would totally do to get what she wants on Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives: Diana Cooper – Comes in Salem Like a Wrecking Ball

Ever since Diana Cooper came to town and found out John Black was her ex -sweetie and in town, she launched an agenda. She wants John at all costs. If she won’t stop at poisoning Marlena, lying to her son about his paternity is nothing to her. It would be very easy for DOOL to flashback and show Diana printing out a new test result to slide into that envelope.

In fact, now that John cleaned out her safe of the proof of Leo Stark murdering his “father”, she might even stash the real result there to be found later. Either way, given confirmed Days of Our Lives spoilers, it seems clear that poor little Leo Stark is not half-Black or any Black at all. He’s the offspring of Diana Cooper and her abusive husband. The truth devastates Leo, of course.

But don’t count John Black out of Leo’s life yet. He promised Leo that they’d make up for lost time when he told him he was his dad. Then, Leo Stark said maybe if he’d had John all along, he might not have turned out the way he did. So, don’t be surprised if John Black keeps Leo as his “sort of son” and tries to make the little con guy into a better man. Watch DOOL weekdays to see the awful truth spill out.

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