‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Leo Learns John Is His Father – Con Man Conned By His Mom?

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) learns John Black (Drake Hogestyn) is his real father. As he killed the man he thought was his dad, this is a stunner. However, as Diana Cooper (Judith Chapman) is a lying liar who lies, this may not necessarily be true. What will Leo do next with a new dad in his life on the NBC soap?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Leo Stark Finds Daddy Info on John Black

Leo Stark uncovers that John Black is his father, say recent Days of Our Lives spoilers. Of course, this might not be great news for him. After all, he’s not strictly a people person and isn’t well liked in Salem. His relationship with his other father was particularly unpleasant. In fact, Leo killed the guy he thought was his biological father.

The man was abusive and Leo believes the did the world and his mother Diana, a favor by offing the man. However, this could mess with her son’s mind on Days of Our Lives as he finds John Black is evidently his real father.

Diana didn’t want Leo to know this fact. As she told John she was worried it would be hard for him to understand. Leo and his other father’s relationship was awful. Of course, John doesn’t know Leo killed his dad. Diana, however, consistently reminds Leo she has evidence of the crime and uses it to control her son.

DOOL Spoilers: John Wants to Be Part of Leo’s Life

After John Black learned the father fact on Days of Our Lives, it took him a minute to come to terms with it. When Diana first blew into town, he worried he might be Leo Stark’s father. After he finally asked her, he learned his fear was spot on — if Diana is telling the truth.

However, now that he thought on the matter, John realizes he wants to be in his son’s life. He even tells Diana as much, who thinks it’s a horrible idea. She explains how abusive and horrible his other father was. She says learning that John is his real daddy could be detrimental.

John might not give up on his mission to learn more about Leo, though. After all, with a son out of nowhere, he’s curious. But for John, this situation isn’t new. He’s had sons crop up out of the blue in the past. Will he succeed in winning him over or will Leo Stark want nothing to do with his new father?

Days of Our Lives: Did Diana Lie About Paternity?

While John Black believes Diana told him the truth, she surely could have lied, hint DOOL spoilers. After all, her mission is to win John away from Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). By saying he is the father of her son, she drives a wedge between them.

In fact, Diana begged John to keep it secret from his wife on Days of Our Lives. While he wanted to come clean, he decided to keep it from her. Marlena was furious to learn about Leo from Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), of all people.

However, as DOOL spoilers revealed, this will not break the iconic super couple. Jarlena has been through worse. But it could be that they discover Diana is lying. So whether Leo Stark is really John’s son remains to be seen.

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