‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ciara Attacked – Mistaken for Chloe by El Fideo Thugs

New Days of Our Lives spoilers say El Fideo’s men attack Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) mistaking her for Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) saves her, but then reiterates why they must stay split. But Ben may not be able to dissuade her. She’s a woman in love, so it’s not likely Ciara will go away anytime soon. Here’s what comes next week on DOOL on NBC.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Brady Under Fire – Chloe Lane The Real Target

Upcoming Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal El Fideo’s thugs won’t let the grudge die until Chloe does. The bad men know she’s living with Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher). So, the cartel creeps close in on Chloe Lane. Then they head for the DiMera mansion, guns drawn ready for murder and mayhem.

They are intent on making Chloe pay on Days of Our Lives. The last time the baddies came for Chloe Lane, it was at her place of business. Unfortunately for the men, Stefan was there drinking away some anger issues and saved Chloe – but took a bullet shielding her. So now, Ciara Brady is at risk again.

DOOL Spoilers: Ciara Comes Back for Ben – Life in Danger at DiMera House

Next week on Days of Our Lives, Ciara Brady decides she won’t let Ben Weston dump her. She’s also annoyed he went back to work for Stefan. Upset that she’s at the house, Ben urges her to leave. He tells Ciara there is danger surrounding the DiMera household right now. With Chloe Lane a target, no one should be hanging around Stefan’s place if they don’t have to.

DOOL spoilers hint it isn’t even Stefan that’s the problem, although Ciara assumes he is. When Ciara Brady pushes the issue and she and Ben share a lip lock, a bullet flies through the window almost killing her. Although the assassin was aiming for Chloe Lane, Ciara looks enough like her to confuse the shooter. So, she’s not safe. That puts a scare in Ben on DOOL and he tells her she’s got to go – and stay gone.

Days of Our Lives: Ciara Worries for Ben

It was one thing for Ciara Brady to know that Ben was doing Stefan’s dirty work, but this is entirely different.  DiMera is protecting Ms.Lane and that means he’s in danger. As his head of security, Ben is embroiled in the situation and knows he’s at risk and accepts it. He’s willing to step up to keep Chloe safe for his boss show Days of Our Lives spoilers.

But what he can’t accept is Ciara Brady being in the line of fire from the bad guys chasing Chloe Lane. So he’s got to get her to leave and stay away. Clearly, Ben wants to be with her but he can’t risk her life. It seems that Ben attracts danger. First, it was him as the threat, then his crazy sister, and now, it’s his job protecting Stefan and Chloe Lane on Days of Our Lives that’s risky.

DOOL: Any Hope for Cin?

Days of Our Lives fans have grown attached to the Ben-Ciara pairing and root for them actively. Yet, it always seems obstacles work to keep them apart. In addition to Ben’s baggage he brings to the relationship, Ciara Brady has her own.

Of course, there’s her mom Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) targeting Ben and hounding him. But really, everyone that cares for Ciara sees Ben as a bad influence and poor life choice, no matter how much he loves him. It’ll be a miracle if Ciara Brady and her man can catch a break and be happy together again.

Keep watching DOOL on NBC to see what’s next for Cin.

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