‘Days of Our Lives’ Prediction: Jan Spears – The Real Killer of Creepy Charlie

Days of Our Lives predictions include Jan Spears (Heather Lindell) as the real killer in the whodunit. Plus, it looks like she frames rival Belle Black (Martha Madison) in the process. NBC soap viewers know she hates Belle and wants Belle’s man, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer), all to herself. DOOL fans guessed the identity of the killer for months. Check out why we predict Jan did in rapist Charlie Dale (Mike Manning).

Days of our Lives Predictions: Jan Spears Had More Than One Motive

All murders have motives. It is no secret on DOOL that Jan Spears hates Belle with a passion. This insane brunette had the hots for Shawn since they were in high school. Obviously, Belle won his heart. Those two always come back to each other in true soulmate fashion on ays of Our Lives.

Spoilers point to Jan Spears’ primary motive to shoot and kill Charlie is to get her clutches on Shawn. And that means getting Belle out of the way. However, that’s not the only reason Jan might have shot the creep. Remember, Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) confronted her for the chaos she caused prior to her coma on Days of Our Lives.

Jan appeared shocked when Claire told her Charlie raped Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) and almost attacked her as well. This prompted Jan Spears to tell Claire she was also raped as a teenager. So, her own teen rape is another motive, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers, for her to be Charlie’s killer.

One last motive for Jan is to punish John Black (Drake Hogestyn) was the one who put Jan Spears into a coma on Days of Our Lives. Yet she agreed not to press charges. We predict she’ll enjoy a different revenge on John once his precious daughter’s charged with killing Charlie. Last week, John saw a vision of a woman in a red coat in his hypnosis session. Those are three big motives for the wacko as the DOOL killer.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jan Spears (Heather Lindell) - Belle Black (Martha Madison)

DOOL Spoilers: Belle’s Missing Button – Coat Stolen?

In a recent episode of Days of Our Lives, Jan Spears pointed out that Belle’s red jacket was missing a button. Of course, Jan wanted to call her rival’s attention to that crucial piece of evidence. The offhand comment about the lost fastener felt random and out of place at the time. But DOOL likes to foreshadow things for viewers.

Also, Days of Our Lives spoilers recall that lawman Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) has a lone red button in his evidence bag he found at the crime scene at Charlie’s place. He also mentions to Belle that her coat is missing one. This now infamous item is the hard evidence that is key to cracking the case on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers confirm Rafe arrests Belle soon. That’s convenient for Jan Spears on DOOL.

However, it is still unclear how Jan got hold of Belle’s coat on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers say to make that happen, she likely came out of her coma earlier than doctors realized to creep out, steal the jacket, and shoot Charlie. But University Hospital is not known for its security. Plus, comatose patients can often hear things. So maybe Jan heard the talk about the rapist and formed her perfect little revenge plan.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker)

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole & Jan’s Epic Confrontation

DOOL spoilers indicate Jan Spears has a run-in with Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) soon. These two have a sordid past. Longtime fans recall that Nicole once hired the other woman to kill her then-husband Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston). Now, Nicole long since redeemed herself. But Jan has not. However, this isn’t the only reason she would be angry at Nicole.

When they were part of the teen scene on Days of Our Lives, it was Nicole’s late father Paul Mendez (Eddie Velez) who sexually assaulted, impregnated, and gave Jan an STD. Hearing of a similar attack on Allie, it is not surprising it triggered her. Nicole may just be the verbal punching bag for the other woman’s anguish. The DOOL run-in between Jan Spears and Nicole should bring the drama.

Will Nicole be able to reach the troubled woman and understand her distress on Days of our Lives? After all, Nicole was a victim of her father too. Both women have tragic pasts. Plus, Jan Spears’ parents neglected her when she was a child. As awful as Jan can be on DOOL, she just really needs love – and maybe a lot more therapy at a mental hospital…

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