‘Days of Our Lives’: Philip Kiriakis Recast – Brock Kelly Returns in Pivotal ‘DOOL’ Role?

Days of Our Lives spoilers name dropped Philip Kiriakis recently. Now, Brock Kelly is confirmed as coming back to the NBC soap. It could be that he’s been recast into the role of the Kiriakis offspring. Here is the latest info and casting news for this DOOL item and why it all makes sense that Brock returns as someone else and not his former character.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brock Kelly Returns – Old Face in Different Role?

If you remember 2005-2006 in Salem, you might recall Brock Kelly’s run on DOOL. Spoilers remind that he started in August 2005 as no-last-name Josh and wrapped in May 2006. He was a hunk but a throwaway character that was a barista at Java Cafe that caught the eye of a young Abigail Deveraux (then Ashley Benson). He worked more than 10 episodes over almost a year, but then was gone.

So, Brock Kelly is back to the soap, but it seems unlikely they’re going to revive him as a barista still preparing coffee 13 years later. Instead, it could be another case of swap recasting. Days of Our Lives spoilers remind that Ron Carlivati likes to bring back old actors in new roles. Kyle Lowder was brought back to the show, not in his old role as Brady Black, but as Rex Brady. This could be a similar situation.

DOOL Spoilers: Philip Kiriakis Returning? Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts Want Him Back

Days of Our Lives spoilers recall recent conversations with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) and Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) featured Philip Kiriakis. Philip last dropped into Salem two and a half years ago. Then, John-Paul Lavoisier played the role. This actor is 39 while Brock Kelly is 33. But since Philip Kiriakis should only be 24 (he was born in February, 1995) based on his SORAS, the recast with the younger actor would fit seamlessly. With the SORAS, the soap dialed his birthdate back to the 80s. Clearly, there’s a wide range of age options to Ron Carlivati.

The convo with Kate and Victor on Philip was not a happenstance mention. Victor specifically asked her to help him reconnect with Philip Kiriakis. She promised she would now that Victor brought her back to Titan Industries. Then Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) talked up Philip Kiriakis in a chat with Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey). Clearly, Philip is coming back to Salem, the question is – who’s in the role?

Cool Brock Kelly Trivia Ties Back to NBC Sudser

In addition to being on Days of Our Lives in the past in the small role of Josh the coffee dude, Brock Kelly has another tie in. He played teen Dean Winchester on Supernatural. Jensen Ackles plays grown-up Dean on The CW hit. And he strutted as Eric Brady on the soap long ago. This is a soap that’s comfortable moving characters around and frequently changing their faces. It’s all soapy goodness.

So, DOOL spoilers on the return of Philip Kiriakis and the casting of Brock Kelly to return to the show may coincide. The scoop is that Brock was filming in late March or early April so that means he should be seen in late Summer or early Fall given the NBC soap’s schedule of shooting half a year in advance of air dates. So listen up for more Philip Kiriakis references and wait to see Brock Kelly’s debut.

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