‘Days of Our Lives’: Kristen Endgame Revealed – Arianne Zucker & Stacy Haiduk Tag Team as Nicole

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Kristen DiMera is confirmed to be faking as Nicole Walker. Now, Arianne Zucker and Stacy Haiduk will be tag teaming in the role under the ridiculous premise of a mask convincing Salemites that Kristen is Nicole. Luckily for Kristen, most people cut her a break because she’s grieving the “death” of her only child. But now DOOL confirmed it’s Kristen wreaking havoc, we’ll begin to see both Stacy Haiduk and Arianne Zucker on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What Does Kristen DiMera Want – What’s Her Endgame?

As fans suspected for weeks on DOOL, spoilers now confirm that is NOT the real Nicole Walker making trouble. It’s wackjob Kristen DiMera who survived the warehouse explosion. There is no confirmation that the real Nicole survived the blaze. But knowing showrunner Ron Carlivati’s love of resurrections, you can rest easy that the poor woman is alive somewhere.

Meanwhile, expect Kristen DiMera to continue to run around stirring up ill will, raging at her enemies, and betraying most everyone that cares about the real Nicole Walker. But right now, it looks almost like she’s creating chaos for the heck of it. But that’s not true. Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us Kristen DiMera has a very specific goal in mind when she came back.

DOOL Spoilers: What Kristen Wants More Than Anything – Nicole Walker Can Get For Her

Sure, Kristen could have come back to town wearing her own face and not a Nicole Walker mask on Days of Our Lives. But then everyone would have their guard up. Coming back in disguise allows her to rip apart relationships on the sly to get what she wants. And it’s Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) that she came back for but she’s got to sneak up on him sideways.

After their last go-round when Brady bedded her deceitfully to try and get information from her, she knows she can’t trust him. Plus, he won’t trust her. But DOOL viewers know he never got over Nicole Walker. And Kristen DiMera knows it too. Brady Black will come running at Nicole’s beck and call – but not Kristen’s. So, she will use that.

Kristen Draws Brady Into Her Snare – Devastated Eric Brady for Starters

Although Days of Our Lives spoilers say Kristen DiMera continues to show a fake face to Brady, the feelings she’s acting on are real. So, now she needs to align her goals with Nicole Walker’s reality. That means she has to push Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) away to clear the way for “Nicole” to respark with Brady.

That makes the “death” of Holly Jonas the perfect tool. First, Kristen didn’t want to be stuck with a kid while pretending to be Nicole. Second, setting up the faked death set up the reason she dumped Eric. By blaming Holly’s demise on him, she can reject him and turn to Brady Black for comfort. Plus, she plans to tell Brady the truth eventually, hint DOOL spoilers.

Kristen Plans Eventual Confession to Brady on Days of Our Lives

The latest DOOL spoilers indicate that Kristen DiMera wants to be with Brady Black and this scheme centers on that goal. Of course, making everyone else miserable as collateral damage is just a bonus. Today on the NBC soap, she played the pity card after Holly’s funeral and lured Brady Black into a lip lock. She’s closer to him falling for her.

Across town, Days of Our Lives viewers saw the ripple effects of Kristen’s evil scheme pretending to be Nicole Walker. Eric confided in Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) and they wound up kissing. So, things are moving along as Kristen wants. She’s convinced that she can make Brady Black love her, then confess that she’s really Kristen, and he’ll still accept her.

It seems like Kristen is not only fooling everyone in Salem – but also herself. Because it’s doubtful it will go down that way on the NBC soap. Once she unmasks, Brady Black will probably drop her like a hot rock. But we’ll see how it goes as this reckless summer scheme unfolds.

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