‘Days of our Lives’ Comings & Goings: Rafe & Gabi Leave Together – Final Airdate Revealed

Days of our Lives comings and goings remind Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) both leave Salem soon – and we’ve got their final airdate. We also know their father Eduardo Hernandez (A. Martinez) is back, so perhaps they go with him as they exit the NBC soap.

Days of our Lives Comings & Goings: Gabi Hernandez Exit Makes no Sense in Storyline

Right now on DOOL, there’s no foreseeable reason for Gabi Hernandez to leave Salem. She’s exploring the chemistry with Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash), and things heat up with them next week. Plus, Gabi’s close to stealing the CEO seat back from Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn).

With a brewing romance for Gabi and a power trip ahead, why leave Days of our Lives? This all ties back to a tearful confession from actress Camila Banus earlier this year. Back in February, during contract negotiations, Gabi’s alter-ego posted a video crying and upset.

She had just left talks at the Days of our Lives set and talked about things being unfair and fighting for what she deserved. So, it sounds like Camila didn’t renew as Gabi Hernandez. So, these last scenes taped before the contracts came up for negotiation.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) - Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) - Jake Lambert

DOOL Comings & Goings: Also Axed – Rafe Hernandez Exits Just as He Heats With Hope

The other Hernandez exit from Days of our Lives also seems abrupt. We just saw Rafe Hernandez getting cozy with his ex, Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso), as he popped her badge back on her. They almost kiss, and Rafe does kiss her by next week. But then, Rafe leaves town.

Based on the timing of his Days of our Lives exit, he was another casualty of the NBC soap contract renewals, which were reportedly quite severe. In addition to Rafe and his sister hitting the door, the WilSon actors were cut. And, Alfonso and Konefal quit.

So, there is a pile of exits coming soon on Days of our Lives. So, what will bring about Rafe Hernandez’s departure? Will Rafe change his mind about taking Allie Horton’s (Lindsay Arnold) baby and leave town with the infant? And what prompts Rafe to go the same time as his sister?

Days of Our Lives Comings & Goings: Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) - Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering)

Days of our Lives Exit: Rafe & Gabi Final Airdate Revealed – They Go Together

Look for the final DOOL airdate for Rafe and his little sister Gabi Hernandez to be Friday, August 28. So, that’s just 10 episodes left for these two. It remains to be seen if their departures are organic and written into the scenes – or if they’re explained after-the-fact.

There was so much potential for Gabi on Days of our Lives with Jake. So, it’ll be tough to see her go. Brandon stays on as Jake and continues his arc. And new girl Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) sticks around, likely in Gabi’s place in the storyline.

As for Rafe Hernandez, his Days of our Lives story reheated with Hope, but she follows him out the door soon. Because her exit was sudden, it’ll be explained after the fact. DOOL didn’t film an exit scene. Get ready to say goodbye to Gabi Hernandez and Rafe Hernandez this month.

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