‘Crime & Justice’: Chris Watts – Mistress Coworker Name on Witness List? Missing Wedding Ring

Crime & Justice says Chris Watts’ mistress’ name might be on the witness list. Cops are tight-lipped about the name of the mistress. Folks on Twitter and Facebook are not. Topix forums discuss the alleged mistress, with claims that Chris and the woman were “lovey dovey” at work. The mistress’ father was allegedly Watts’ Anadarko boss. Tellingly, a “zero Watts” photo appears on that man’s Facebook page.

Chris Watts’ mistress may be in witness protection

Crime & Justice points to the witness list and buzz that swirls around Colorado about the mistress. Social media commentators allegedly close to the story claim the mistress is in witness protection. Indeed, a simple Google search turns up her name and address. As such, Crime & Justice producer Taria Tirella visited the home. But no one answered the door.

Pieces of information in the legal filings when Chris was arrested point to the mistress. Watts had an affair with another woman, but she hasn’t surfaced via a press conference. “I know that there is a name on the witness list of a coworker who is also a woman,” said Randy Corporon, host of NewsTalk 710 KNUS.

Missing Watts wedding ring

More troubling video shows Chris Watts not wearing his wedding ring. Whether Watts chose not to wear it some days due to his oil work is the topic at hand. Viewers wonder if Chris sent a message via the missing ring.”Maybe now he thinks he’s free,” Ashleigh Banfield surmised. Chris displayed a cavalier demeanor, Ashleigh claimed, in several different TV interviews.

Meanwhile, Crime & Justice also explores if Watts’ weight loss and muscle-building was for his mistress. In 2012, when Chris married Shanann Watts, he was heavier as he spoke of relationships. Six years later, Chris was lean and muscular.

Watts had $5,000 monthly expenses

Along with Chris’ mistress and no wedding ring, the Watts Family finances come to light. Monthly expenses were $5,000 in 2015, but the monthly net income for the Watts Family was reported at about $4,900. Chris’ paycheck from 2015 filed due to bankruptcy documents insurance for the first child, because no other children had been born.

Chris made around $2,400 every two weeks. Shanann worked 40 hours a week at about $18 an hour. Major purchases six months before the bankruptcy was filed included a home at $400,000, and a brand new Ford Explorer at about $600 per month. The tight times for a family living beyond their means three years ago may speak to a murder motive. The family dog was listed as being worth $5.

In the rare interview with Chris Watts seen below, he spoke of his wife and kids’ disappearance.


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