‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Gets Real About Miscarriage

Counting On‘s Jinger Duggar Vuolo told her family she and her husband Jeremy Vuolo were having a baby. After telling them, they sadly shared that they lost the baby. And Felicity Vuolo would not become a big sister.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar Vuolo Experiences Terrible Grief

Even though Jinger Duggar Vuolo wasn’t very far along with her baby, it was a terrible loss. Jinger said that right after telling her family on video, that night, she started to feel weird. She noticed things weren’t normal, and she called her mom.

Since her mother, Counting On star Michelle Duggar, experienced the same thing, she advised her what to do. Jinger went to the hospital, and they said they couldn’t find a heartbeat. Jeremy said he knew it was hard on him, but thought it was even harder on Jinger.

Jinger Duggar said that it was very difficult for her, especially being out in Los Angeles. Her family was hundreds of miles away, but thankfully, Jeremy’s sister was in town to help. Michelle said it was difficult for her not to jump on a plane, but her daughter said she had plenty of help.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jessa Duggar

Being There for Jinger After the Miscarriage

What Jinger Duggar of Counting On didn’t know was that the family was already coming. Jeremy planned an early birthday event. He always loves to surprise her, and this was going to be a big one.

Michelle shared she wanted to be there for her daughter even though she said she had help. And sister, Jana Duggar, said it was hard not telling Jinger Duggar they would be there in a little over a week. But it looks like the surprise paid off.

Another Duggar sister that went through a loss right before Jinger said her heart went out to her sister. Joy-Anna Duggar went through stillbirth and also shared about this on Counting On. She said that she and Jinger are closer than ever now after this shared experience.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar

Counting On: Getting Real With Fans

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy said they want to share their hard times with the world. They said it is going to help someone else that is going through the same thing. They shared about how hard it was to think about Felicity not having a sibling.

The good news is that she is now pregnant again. She is expecting a little girl, so Felicity will have a little sister, which is something very special to Jinger. Everything looks like it is going well with the pregnancy.

Jinger Duggar keeps everyone updated on her baby bump. She shares lots of photos of her growing belly in super cute outfits. You can see more from Counting On Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

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