‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo’s Sports Foul Annoys Fans

Counting On‘s Jeremy Vuolo recently raised eyebrows after an interesting sports-related foul fans noticed. But it looks like he’s just trying to have some fun, and viewers hope he fixes things.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo for Husband of the Year?

Jeremy Vuolo got kudos from fans of Counting On recently. The soon-to-be dad of two showered his wife with presents lately. And Jinger Duggar Vuolo said it’s the little things that make the big difference in her day.

Jinger showed off flowers and special ice cream from Jeremy. And Counting On viewers said it’s nice that he thinks of her and does nice things. Jinger Duggar said she “loves this guy,” and fans teased that she’d better since she married him.

Watchers of Counting On said they thought Jeremy Vuolo was preparing for a big ask. And it looks like he did get something he wanted — some relaxing time playing golf. Or, according to fans — a messy time on the green.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Viewers Can’t Unsee Jeremy’s Divots

Recently, Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On said, “The progress is slow, but steady,” about his golf game. But fans focused on the many divots he put in the golf course. And they said, “Replace your divots,” and “Are those all your divots?”

It seems like Jeremy had a bit of trouble playing. But viewers of Counting On said that at least Jeremy looked the part of a golfer. Some other TLC viewers said this reminded them of his bachelor party — but his outfit wasn’t as good this time.

Another Counting On fan told Jeremy Vuolo to enjoy it now because babies don’t like golf. With Jinger just a few weeks from delivering their second baby, he’s likely getting in as much fun as he can. But fans still wonder if Jeremy replaced his divots.

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo

Counting On: Preparing for a New Baby

Jeremy of Counting On said he’s very excited for his new baby. But it seems like Jinger Duggar is the one that is busiest preparing for their baby. She’s in her nesting phase, and if you look at their house, you can tell.

Jinger recently showed off her new kitchen organization system. And Jeremy said she is doing a great job with everything she’s working on. The young couple is only a little way from welcoming their new child, and they said they need all the help they can get.

Jeremy and Jinger’s first daughter, Felicity Vuolo, seems to be up to the task. They said she helps with laundry and picks out her own outfits. It seems like there’s a lot of excitement and work to come with the new little one, but that they might have some little hands to help.

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