‘Counting On’: James Duggar Gearing Up to Announce a Courtship?

Counting On’s James Duggar recently celebrated his 19th birthday and it looks like the Duggars might be getting ready to reveal that he is courting a special lady. He recently joined a social channel and that’s one big sign that there may be a woman in his life.

Counting On: The Duggars Strict Instagram Rules

We all know that this famous family has some unique rules when it comes to their lives. Of course, hanging out online is part of those different points of view enforced by Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. There have been quite a few times when one of the Duggar children joined social — and soon after they announce that they are in a courtship.

Recently, James Duggar’s Counting On brother Justin Duggar announced that he was courting Claire Spivey via his social. Some of James’ other siblings that let the world know online that they were courting were Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar. They have all continued to share their lives after marriage, too.

However, having social accounts does not always mean one of the Counting On kids is courting. For example, James’ older sister Jana Duggar has been very vocal about her single status and is proud to say so online.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jill Duggar - James Duggar

James Duggar Seeing a Special Lady?

For now, it looks like James is just getting started with both Jana Duggar and the official family account following his account. Counting On fans might recall James Duggar appeared on multiple episodes hanging out with Lauren Caldwell, Kendra Caldwell’s younger sister.

James spending some time with Lauren triggered rumors about a Counting On romance earlier this year. But those didn’t seem to come to fruition. That’s because Lauren announced her engagement to Titus Hall — and not James. At this time, he might be gearing up to announce a special lady in his life.

Otherwise, it would be strange for Michelle and Jim Bob to allow him to be on social at all. Perhaps they Counting On parents plan to let him promote the family’s TLC show. But fans would much rather hear that James is courting – and who’s the lucky lady.

Counting On: James Duggar - Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: Is James Ready to Share News With the World?

As of right now, it is a mystery whether or not James is indeed courting someone. If so, it’s likely someone that his parents have vetted and approve of before he can announce. Also, he might be waiting for new episodes of Counting On to air before making the announcement. Check back here for more news on whether 19-year-old James Duggar’s courting or not.

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