‘Counting On’: Duggars Expanded Real Estate Dynasty – See How

Counting On’s Jeremiah Duggar recently reached a new milestone in his life and career. As the sixth son of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, Jeremiah is following in his parent’s footsteps. With Jeremiah’s new career, he can now contribute to expanding the Duggar real estate empire that his parents started years ago.

Counting On: The Duggar Family Real Estate Dynasty

Jeremiah Duggar’s father and Counting On patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar has an empire in his home state of Arkansas. They have been buying land and commercial properties since the early 2000s. They currently own more than 100 acres of land according to property records.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s first purchased the 20-acre plot where the family’s large Counting On home was built as a group project in the year 2000. Then a few years later, Jim Bob and his wife purchased more land around their address. Some of the lands have buildings and homes on it while other parcels are still empty and untouched.

The Counting On family made headlines when Jeremiah Duggar’s parents bought The Baylor Mansion in 2014 as part of a two-property deal. Then earlier this year, Jim Bob Duggar sold it for $1.53 million after renovating it.


Jim Bob and Michelle bought the home for only $237,000, but they have not disclosed how much they spent on renovations. However, sources say they made a pretty profit.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar

Jeremiah Duggar is Growing Up

Before taking out his real estate license Jeremiah Duggar and his twin brother, Jedidiah moved out of the large family home. Jeremiah and his brother are now 21 years old and venturing on their own.

For those that follow Counting On closely you probably remember the “Dadchelor Party” episode. It was for their brother John David Duggar as they welcomed him into fatherhood.

Jeremiah Duggar forgot all about the sides and only had steak for all the guys to eat. Everyone gave him grief about his hosting skills. We’re sure next time Jeremiah and Jedidiah (his twin) won’t forget to add more to the menu.

Something that is unusual for the Counting On children is for Jeremiah Duggar to not be courting someone yet.


Counting On fans are still waiting for an announcement of Jeremiah courting a special lady. For now, Jeremiah is focused on moving out and contributing to the family’s business.

Counting On: Jeremiah Duggar

Counting On: Real Estate Is Becoming a Family Thing

Everyone’s favorite grandma, Mary Duggar also had her real estate license. Although, she passed away last year the family is happy to carry on her legacy that included a career in real estate.

Jeremiah Duggar along with his Counting On brother Joseph are adding to the growing list of Duggars that are real estate agents. Who will be the next Duggar Realtor? We will have to wait and see who is next to pass their exam.

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