‘Counting On’: Abused Duggar Daughters Get Raw Deal in Court?

Counting On‘s Duggar daughters say they got the short end of the stick with their court case. Four of the Duggar daughters filed a lawsuit against officials saying they mishandled the case having to do with the Josh Duggar molestation investigation. Their claims are—invasion of privacy, outrage, and violation of the right to due process.

Counting On: Duggar Daughters File for Damages

The four daughters from Counting On that filed the case are Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar. Their claim was that the officials released the documents to a magazine even though there are state laws that say this is not legal. These laws are in place to protect children and victims of sexual abuse. They say the release of the information made it easy for people to identify them and know about the details of their abuse.

The girl’s attorney told the public that it was a terrible thing that happened. He said that no young per should have to have their sexual assault out in the public. The attorney for the Counting On siblings went on to say that any details about the sexual abuse of a minor shouldn’t be let out to the public. And that’s even if there is a Freedom of Information Act, according to the attorney.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar

Qualified Immunity In the Duggar Case

The information that got out about Josh Duggar from the show Counting On that airs on TLC on Tuesday nights at 8 pm was redacted. But the Duggar daughters still say people could figure out who they were. They filed their claim to get damages for their pain and suffering. But they did not get that in court at all. Instead, the people that released documents now have qualified immunity in the case.

The Hoyt of the Washington County sheriff’s office personel that that released the information were granted immunity from damages according to the Duggars of Counting On. This is even after they were denied earlier.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar

What’s Next for the Counting On Crew In Court?

Now that their claim is denied, is there anywhere for them to go from here? Are they going to get damages in court for the troubles they are suffering for years now? It looks like they’re at the end of their legal rope here with the granting of immunity.

Nothing happened to Josh partly because the statute of limitations had run out. Many people think the four daughters didn’t get justice from anyone including their parents, the police, and now the courts. When everything came out, they bravely told their story.

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