‘Counting On’: Which Duggars Will Be on the New Season?

Counting On‘s 11th season will be hitting the air soon without Jill Duggar Dillard. Everyone is excited to see the births of the babies, the family fun—and see if there will be any drama. One of the things fans are already noticing is that there are people missing from the new season.

Counting On: Looking for Our Favorite Duggar Cast Members

As the new season of Counting On approaches, fans are trying to figure out who is going to be on the show. With Jill Duggar gone, there is a big gap there. And it definitely looks like Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are going to fill that gap. There is a lot of footage of the young couple.

Besides for all the footage of Jinger and Jeremy, they were also the ones to announce June 30th is when the first episode is coming out on TLC on a Tuesday night at 9 pm. Besides these two, we will also see Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald from Counting On, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Duggar, Jana Duggar, Joseph, and Kendra Duggar, and John and Abbie Duggar.

Counting On: Abbie Duggar - Joy-Anna Duggar

Staying Away from Family During the Show

Counting On is going to be much different than in seasons past. And keep in mind while the above Duggar family will be the main ones on the show, we are still going to see Mom and Dad. As well as some guest appearances from other family members.

We have seen the Counting On family get bashed for their lack of social distancing. But considering that they are all used to being together all of the time, they have been much more distant than expected. Some of the members of the family are taking it more seriously than others.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: Did the Missing Duggar Kids Get Kicked Out?

Viewers noticed that Anna Duggar and Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth of Counting On are not going to be on the show. While there isn’t anything official, it seems like TLC is trying to distance itself from Josh Duggar. And as far as Joy-Anna and Austin, it looks like they are heading in their own direction.

There is no word that Joy-Anna has left the family. It looks like her husband wants to spend more time on his contracting business. Austin is one of the few husbands that can support his wife and kids in his own right. No need for any help from Jim Bob Duggar.

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