‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Leaks Wedding Details

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar couldn’t keep it to herself. She showed photos of wedding preparations and fans are excited about the marriage of her brother Nathan Keller. Nathan is marrying Nurie Rodrigues, daughter of Jill and David Rodrigues.

Counting On: It’s Wedding Day Prep for Anna Duggar

With six little ones to get ready, Anna Duggar is getting a head start. We aren’t sure when the exact day of the wedding is, but it looks like everyone is getting ready. Anna is one of eight children and comes in as the fifth child. Everyone hopes her brother gets a better deal with Nurie than Anna did with Josh Duggar and his scandals.

Everyone loves the cute outfit Anna has her daughter Meredith dressed in. And it seems she likes it too with her sweet smile. Is the wedding already over? And if so, when and where are we going to see it? Nurie’s mom Jill has been pretty quiet about things, so maybe that’s a sign things are happening soon.

Fans of Counting On and the Rodrigues family believe TLC might be keeping everything a surprise. It’s not much fun to see a wedding you’ve already seen on social media. So it would make sense if they are trying to keep it under wraps.

Counting On: Meredith Duggar

Sharing Their First Kiss

According to Jill Rodrigues, Anna Duggar, and the family, Nathan and Nurie will share their first time kissing on their wedding day. When you look at how awkward the photos are, it’s pretty easy to believe. No need to fake here because it’s obvious they haven’t done much beyond touching hands.

Many fans of shows like Counting On think it’s so sweet that they will save their first kisses for each other. On the other hand, some believe it can be very scary. What if they aren’t compatible? And other questions arise.

Whatever the case, it may not be long until we get to see Anna Duggar’s brother’s wedding. Some people believe it might appear on the show Plathville since the Plaths are friends with the Rodrigues crew.

Counting On: Nathan Keller - Nurie Rodrigues

Counting On Without Anna

The new season of Counting On is here and there’s no Anna on the show. Many people started noticing there were some people left out on the promo. Anna was one of those people and then there’s also Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth. But it does seem like the Forsyths are going to be on the show, at least a little bit. We saw them playing family game night with the family.

It’s most likely that we aren’t going to get to watch Anna at all this season. Counting On that airs on TLC at 8 pm on Tuesday nights is likely trying to distance themselves from the Josh scandal. The family continues to deal with problems related to Josh. If you can remember, that is why TLC canceled 19 and Counting and chose to focus on the next generation.

Fans are still in an uproar over the goings-on with the Duggar family. And many fans are upset that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are getting so much face time on the new episodes of Counting On.

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