‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar and Two Others Left Out of New Season?

Fans wondered if Counting On‘s Anna Duggar would not be on the new season – because she and two other previous cast members are not in the new season promo photo. Viewers were surprised they were left out. It’s obvious Jill Duggar, and Derick Dillard are not going to be on the show. But are all three other prominent cast members off the show?

Counting On: Fans Speculate Anna Duggar Is Off the Show

In the promo for the new season of Counting On, fans noticed that Anna Duggar is not featured. In fact, some viewers wonder if TLC is trying to distance themselves from Anna because she stayed married to Josh Duggar. Even though she hasn’t done anything wrong, fans complained to the network unhappy about her making money off the show.

Loyal watchers of the show think there might be more going on with Anna Duggar and her husband, Josh. Reportedly, there are still several investigations against him. And many aren’t sure what the network can and can’t share about Josh Duggar and his family. So, they wondered if Anna Duggar’s not on the show. But, these comments are off the mark – because she’s definitely back.

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Set Out On Their Own

Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth are the other two missing from Counting On‘s promo photo. The couple is expecting a new baby, and many viewers looked forward to following their journey. But it seems we won’t see behind the scenes on this Duggar birth unless they surprise us.

Viewers aren’t surprised that Austin and Joy-Anna are going off on their own since Austin has businesses of his own to run. He is independent and doesn’t need money from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. So, perhaps there was no motivation for them to return to Counting On either.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth - Austin Forsyth

What to Expect on Season 11 Of Counting On

What’s to come on the new season of the reality hit Counting On with so many changes? Viewers will miss Jill and Derick. But Anna Duggar will be there. And Joy-Anna and Austin’s family skipping the season means a big difference. But keep in mind that Joy-Anna doesn’t seem to be stepping away from the family.

It looks like there are going to be a lot of babies born on the show. Now, there are five pregnant ladies. This is the most they’ve had in one year. You will see some of the births on the show, and that means viewers get to be up close with the pain and happiness of these amazing life events.

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