‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Double Eviction Sends Natalie and Tom Green Packing

Celebrity Big Brother recap show both Natalie Eva Marie and Tom Green have been evicted. Tonight was a special double-eviction episode which means an entire week took place in one episode! Tamar Braxton remained safe when she won a special safety competition.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Natalie Eva Marie Is First Of Two Celebs Evicted

Natalie Eva Marie was on the block with fellow alliance member Lolo Jones. Lolo was a replacement for Ricky Williams who was saved by HoH Tom Green. The vote was unanimous to evict the former WWE wrestler and she found herself sitting outside the house with Julie Chen.

Before they could talk, Julie announced that the latest Breaking Celebrity Big Brother News twist would be released into the game. Which Natalie said she hoped would be given to anyone in her bedroom – Ricky, Lolo, or Tamar. Natalie blames herself being evicted on Tom who caused a lot of strife for her group in the house.

Tamar Braxton Gets Safety For Second Eviction Of The Night

A new Celebrity Big Brother twist was introduced into the game tonight in the form of a safety competition. Whoever won would be safe from the threat of the second eviction. Double evictions are always hectic, so knowing your safe would be a relief for any of the celebrities.

Tamar Braxton won the competition meaning that she will live to see another day in the Celebrity Big Brother house. This is the second power that the singer has been awarded this season. The first was the Power of the Publicist which Tamar did not have to use.

Lolo Jones Wins HoH – Nominates Kandi Burruss and Tom Green

Lolo Jones won the Celebrity Big Brother HoH after Natalie Eva Marie was evicted and got flustered when put on the spot to pick her nominations. She had to be informed by Julie Chen that she would lose her HoH if she did not nominate two celebrities quickly. There is no time to spare during a live show!

Tom Green and Kandi Burruss are who Lolo decided to pick. Both of which make sense given her alignment with Ricky Williams and Tamar Braxton. Lolo has had lots of drama that has occurred between herself and the comedian. Also, she and Kandi never really clicked. The nominations choices were cemented when Tamar won the power of veto and left the nominations the same.

Tom Green Evicted In Unanimous Vote

By a 3-0 vote, Tom Green was the second celeb of the night to cross the Big Brother house threshold. Most of the house has been gunning for him since his first HoH reign. He made a large target out of himself with his increasing paranoia and attempting to backstab his alliance members at the time. But, he put up a hard fight and held on for as long as he could.

He seems to be leaving hard feelings behind and admitted to Julie that he is rooting for Lolo. Tom will be one of the ten members of the jury that will help decide the winner of Big Brother. Along with Tom on the jury so far will be Natalie Eva Marie, Kato Kaelin, Ryan Lochte, and Jonathan Bennett.

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