‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: House Turns Against Tom Green and Kato Kaelin

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have the CBB house turning against Tom Green and Kato KaelinLolo Jones tears into the two. The Olympian lost it this morning in the kitchen after she had enough of their actions. Others in the house have also turned against Tom and Kato because they they think the two are condescending with their power.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: CBB House Turns Against Tom Green & Kato Kaelin

Yesterday, alliances shifted as Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, Tamar Braxton, Joey Lawrence, and Ricky Jones came together. The five joined forces in order to make up a plan that will get rid of Kato Kaelin and Tom Green.

Celebrity Big Brother fans have posted that the two are feeling safe because of their back-to-back HoH wins. Battle lines are drawn in the sand after Tom and Kato’s plan to backdoor Lolo Jones was caught onto. The other celebs are starting to see that the duo is playing all sides of the house

Tom Green decided that calling a house meeting would do everybody some good. But it just caused the drama to escalate. Has a house meeting ever worked on Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother: Lolo Jones Explodes In The Kitchen

After Kato Kaelin annoyed Lolo Jones in the Celebrity Big Brother bathroom, she snapped on him in the kitchen. They started screaming with each of them trying to be louder than the other. Kato asked her if she had ever taken acting classes, to which she responded, “I’m an ATHLETE!” Kato told her he could read things, but Lolo did not care.

She claimed to be, “done with this bullsh*t.” Lolo said that Tom and Kato are pissing off someone new every day and that they are all sick of it. They all used to like them, but now they are starting to hate them. Lolo told them that they are both going home and Tom shrugged, “I’ll win the veto.”

Natalie was seen briefly yelling at Tom Green before getting fed up and leaving the room.

Lolo Jones Kicks Kato Kaelin Out Of Her Room

Things had appeared to calm down a bit on Celebrity Big Brother. Then Kato Kaelin tried entering the hotel bedroom to talk to Lolo Jones. She screamed “Get out Kato, get out!” Lolo told Ricky Williams to get him out of there and even warned production to keep him away from her.

She spoke directly to the feeds that she wanted Kato and Tom Green unfollowed on all her social media accounts. There are definitely some hard feelings lingering in the CBB house.

Many fans think Tom and Kato are burning bridges faster than they can build them. Eventually there may be nowhere left to go.

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