‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out Against Celebs – Accuses Ricky Williams of Being a Rapist?

Celebrity Big Brother news reveals Dina Lohan’s daughter Lindsay Lohan has been slamming Ricky Williams and other former celebrity houseguests. The Mean Girls star is calling out others like Tamar Braxton and Anthony Scaramucci for not treating her mom the right way. These allegations have taken place on Twitter and do not appear provoked.

Lindsay Lohan Slams CBB Winner Tamar Braxton

In what started out as a seemingly innocent tweet congratulating Tamar Braxton for winning Celebrity Big Brother over Ricky Williams. But it quickly turned sour. Lindsay Lohan’s “Congrats. God bless you,” turned into an attack on Tamar’s integrity. She continued to say that Tamar is no friend to women. In addition, she called Tamar “deceptive” and “conniving.”

Lindsay also accused the CBB winner of putting more value in the money than people. This was all in response to a tweet from Tamar back in 2017 after the release of one of her singles. She even slapped a #HappyValentinesDay on the end of it. She even had the audacity to leave the comment “bullshit” on Big Brother’s Instagram post congratulating Tamar.

Celebrity Big Brother: Lindsay Lohan Calls Ricky Williams a Rapist?

The worst thing Ricky Williams did to Dina Lohan in the CBB house was nominate and then evict her. His interactions with Dina even on the live feeds seemed cordial, if not friendly. So why is Dina’s daughter, the actress Lindsay Lohan, accusing him of being a rapist?

In another tweet, Lindsay defended both her mother and Kandi Burruss. She claimed that Ricky Williams nominated them on Celebrity Big Brother because they did not sleep with him. Maybe she was talking about the Bedroom Alliance, but then she proceeded to call him #rapyricky. She practically accused him of taking sexual favors from other houseguests. But it did not stop there. Lindsay even brought the MeToo movement into it, opening up a whole new can of worms.


Ricky Williams has yet to publicly respond to Lindsay’s accusations. However, Celebrity Big Brother fans on Twitter responded that Ricky was on camera 24/7 and no live feed watchers saw anything but respect from the former NFL football player


Lindsay Lohan Attacks Anthony Scaramucci

Although Anthony was not an actual player but a twist on Celebrity Big Brother, the former child star, Lindsay Lohan, had some choice words for Anthony Scaramucci, too. Obviously, Lindsay has no idea what she is talking about because she said The Mooch failed when he tried going against Dina Lohan. When in reality, Anthony was never actually competing in the game.

Lindsay even tried to drag him by bringing up his brief White House stint and recalling how Trump fired him. This might not be the end of Lindsay’s attacks on the former Celebrity Big Brother players. She has yet to come for Lolo Jones or Natalie Eva Marie who both were aligned with Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams.

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