‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Best Dina Lohan Moments on CBB US

Celebrity Big Brother brought fans plenty of hysterical Dina Lohan moments over the course of the season. Dina’s lack of game knowledge and wacky maternal personality were a good source of comedic relief during an otherwise tense game. From revealing her relationship of five years with a man she has never met. To parading around the Big Brother house drunk and wearing a cowboy hat. Dina Lohan did it all.

Celebrity Big Brother: Does Dina Lohan Have A Catfish?

Dina Lohan revealed to her fellow CBB houseguests that she has been in a relationship for five years with a man she never met. This immediately set off red flags to the other celebs in the room who tried to convince the momager she is being catfished. But their attempts were unsuccessful.

Furthermore, this has attracted the attention of Nev Schulman from MTV’s Catfish who wants to find Dina’s so-called boyfriend. That way she can finally meet him. Celebrity Big Brother fans have teased on Twitter that they want Nev to find him and bring him to finale night.

Dina Lohan Hacks The Twitter iPad

Although she might not be the brightest celeb in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Dina Lohan managed to hack into the iPad. The celebrities use the iPad to send out tweets to their fans while they are inside the house. Somehow she hacked into it and was reading what everyone else tweeted.

Dina and Kandi Burruss sat in the lounge reading tweets for a little bit until the feeds cut. Hopefully, no one said anything bad about either of them!

Dina Lohan: “I Vict To Evote Tom”

Celebrity Big Brother live shows can be a little bit hectic. It is understandable that sometimes mistakes can happen. Dina Lohan got tongue-tied casting her vote. Instead of saying just that, the woman said, “I vict to evote Tom.”

Some people might have glossed over it, but others had to do a double take to hear exactly what is spoken. The video of Dina in the DR was spread across Twitter with funny comments attached to them.

Celebrity Big Brother’s First Beer Angel

In the endurance wall competition, Dina Lohan held her own on the wall. The reality star hung on for almost an hour before falling. But since she had been standing in the same position for so long, she sprawled out on the floor and could not move.

Instead of moving out of the way like the rest of the fallen Celebrity Big Brother houseguests, Dina started making beer angels on the mat. She laid out like a starfish surrounded by beer and cups until she found the strength to roll out of the way. Maybe she was having flashbacks of her partying days.

Dina Lohan’s Drunk Antics

One night in the CBB house Dina Lohan overindulged in the wine that they were given by production. She became very loose-lipped. Then, Kato Kaelin chewed her out for telling Ricky Willaims too much information. Dina avoided Ricky for the rest of the night. Too bad the former NFL star caught her redhanded fake working out in the fitness room to get away from him. It was hard to take anything she did seriously that night while dressed in a yellow jacket and a cowboy hat.

The Celebrity Big Brother finale airs this Wednesday. Tune in to see the winner get crowned and handed $250,000. Which of the Final Five will come out on top?

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