‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Joey Lawrence Returning To ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Joey Lawrence is about to be back on Hawaii Five-0. The actor announced that he will be stepping back into the role of Aaron Wright. Last time we saw Aaron in hte Five-0, the brother of world-class hacker Ian Wright (Nick Jonas) was arrested for freeing another criminal from prison. But it does not explain the reasoning behind his return. Does the team need the computer genius’ help?

Celebrity Big Brother Houseguest on Hawaii Five-0: Who is Aaron Wright?

Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) is the brother of Ian Wright who was a crazy talented hacker. Ian caused a lot of trouble for the team who originally thought he was just not paying parking tickets. But he was actually much more dangerous. He even took control of a plane carrying over 300 passengers. And also kidnapped Lou Grover’s (Chi McBride) daughter, but was killed by another criminal Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).

Yet, Aaron is also pretty handy with a computer and managed to break arsonist Jason Dunclair (Randy Couture) out of jail.  Jason was about to burn Aaron alive but was stopped by the Five-0 team.

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Joey Lawrence Returning To ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Last week, Celebrity Big Brother‘s Joey Lawrence announced that he will be stepping into the part of Aaron Wright once more. He posted a picture of a call sheet to Instagram and thanked producer Peter Lenkov for inviting him back. While there are not any hints as to why Aaron is back, it could be for multiple different reasons.

Maybe it has to do with his brother Ian. Or they could possibly need his help with something computer related because of his knack for it. But he could also break out of prison. He has broken someone out of jail before, so how hard could it be to do for himself?

Joey Lawrence Is Enjoying Hawaii

While filming for Hawaii Five-0 Joey Lawrence is enjoying spending some time in Hawaii. A lot different than the Celebrity Big Brother house. Because most of the scenes for the show are shot on location, work and vacation are all wrapped up in one. So, Joey has been working out, shooting and living it up on the island.

But Joey is still angling to be the next Batman. He always adds a hashtag batman to every post to prove his dedication to the role. It could happen but right now he seems pretty happy working in paradise.

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