‘Bringing Up Bates’ Update: Alyssa Bates & John Webber Talk Pants and Fundie Fashion

This Bringing Up Bates update digs into why Alyssa Bates Webber and hubby John Webber make certain choices for their family. Surely, fans have a ton of questions and they do their best to answer as many as possible. Take a look at why Alyssa Bates Webber wears pants and more about their family on the UPtv reality show.

Bringing Up Bates News: Alyssa Bates Webber Shares with Fans Why She Chooses to Wear Pants

Bringing Up Bates reveals why Alyssa Bates wears pants when it goes against her parents’ beliefs. Certainly, she still believes in their religion 100% and adheres to the other restrictions that come with it. Their family thinks Christian women should not wear pants for modesty reasons. But, she doesn’t believe wearing pants is wrong.

In fact, Alyssa Bates agrees with John Webber both think pants are more modest than skirts. Surely, that makes sense because pants cover more. So, because John is on board with it,  Alyssa chooses to wear pants sometimes. Certainly, she still wears skirts and dresses a lot. But, it’s not a problem if Alyssa does not. Of course, she wouldn’t go against her husband if John Webber had a problem with it on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: John Webber - Alyssa Bates Webber

Alyssa and John Webber Discuss Home Schooling

On Bringing Up Bates, another question fans have for John Webber and his wife Alyssa Bates Webber is why they choose to home school. The couple spoke out on why they prefer homeschooling. At first, they thought about putting their oldest daughter Allie Webber in public preschool.

Then, Alyssa Bates and spouse John Webber decided against it because they feel they can give her a more personalized learning experience on Bringing Up Bates. They believe schools expect children to learn at the same pace and in the same way. Of course, as her parents, John and also Alyssa know what works best for her and what doesn’t.

So, they feel Allie will do better learning at home rather than surrounded by other kids. But, Alyssa Bates has been working with Allie since she was two years old. So, she feels homeschooling is the right choice for them on Bringing Up Bates. And John Webber agrees.

John Webber and Alyssa Bates Webber Still Very Much Fundamentalists – Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates fundamentalist (Fundie) Alyssa Bates Webber chooses to dress differently than the other women in her family. However, that doesn’t mean she’s straying from her religion – as some fans may wonder. In fact, other than Alyssa’s love for jeans, they still live their lives as evangelical conservative Christians.

Surely, fans can’t wait for the new season of Bringing Up Bates to start this March. But, there’s still plenty of good stuff to watch on UPtv while you wait for Alyssa Bates Webber along with John Webber and the others to return on the new season of starting soon.

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