‘Bringing Up Bates’: Nathan Bates Makes Life-changing Announcement

Bringing Up Bates celebrity Nathan Bates shocks everyone soon when he updates his family with a major change in his love life. Looks like Nathan is about to take a chance on the uplifting reality show.

Bringing Up Bates Update: Nathan Bates Quiet About Romance

Bringing Up Bates celeb Nathan has been pretty quiet about his dating life lately. No doubt, because he’s in the public eye. So, if a relationship doesn’t work out it’s painful enough. Then, it’s that much worse when the reality world chimes in with their two cents. Remember, Nathan was in a courtship years ago. Back in 2016, he was courting city-girl Ashley Slayer.

They cared for each other deeply but they had some concerns. Ashley was from the city while Nathan, of course, is a country boy. Surely, they did their best to make it work but, in the end, neither of them was sure if they were right for each other. So, they ended their courtship. Now, he may be reluctant to share his romantic relationships on Bringing Up Bates. However, things seem to be turning around for Nathan.

Bringing Up Bates: Nathan Bates

Nathan Drops Bomb on Bringing Up Bates

Soon on Bringing Up Bates, Nathan Bates has a chat with his brother Lawson Bates. Currently, he is single as well (as far as we know). So, the Bate’s brothers have a heart-to-heart soon and Nathan surprises his bro a bit. He says it’s about time to think about settling down. But, Lawson says those are “some big words”.

On top of that, Nathan states he thinks the time is coming for him to leave the bachelor group. Right now, he sounds pretty serious. Especially, because he’s announcing it on the air. Besides that, he is wearing a band on his left ring finger that is shown in the pic above. So, that suggests he’s taken. Perhaps, it’s a promise ring. Soon, it looks like we may learn more about Nathan’s plans for the future on Bringing Up Bates.  

Another Bates Man Off the Market?

Bringing Up Bates spoilers suspect Nathan may be ready to go public and introduce a mystery woman. Of course, there’s a good chance that his family (at least his parents) know about his future plans. Now, he may feel confident enough that this is the real deal and he’s ready to put it all out there.

No doubt, fans are sure to be thrilled if he has found “the one”. Many Bates followers love Nathan and would be ecstatic to see him find his other half. Be sure not to miss Bringing Up Bates to get more info on Nathan Bates and his lucky lady.

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