‘Bringing up Bates’: Katie Bates Gets Birthday Surprise From Travis Clark

Bringing up Bates’ star Katie Bates celebrates her birthday soon with her family and boyfriend Travis Clark and gets an amazing surprise. Check out the sneak peek video below for a glimpse into the next episode of Bringing up Bates on UPtv.

Katie Bates: The Bringing Up Bates’ Family Gets to Know Travis Clark

Katie Bates of Bringing Up Bates recently made things official and began dating Travis Clark. They have spent plenty of time together even though they live far apart. Now, its time the whole Bates family gets to know him now that he and Katie Bates are officially courting. Naturally, she’s a little nervous because she wants everything to be perfect.

But, she loves that Travis is getting closer to her family and she’s enjoying it very much. Judging by the video below, the family seems to like Travis and he likes them as well. Surely, they’re all getting along great and this may be the first of many celebrations to come for Katie and Travis on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing up Bates: Katie Bates - Travis Clark

A Heartfelt Birthday Present from Travis

Soon on Bringing up Bates, Katie Bates’ family treats her to a birthday dinner to celebrate her 19th birthday. And, Travis Clark makes the trip to celebrate with them. Plus, he has a big surprise in store for her. In the sneak peek below, Katie is blown away by the thoughtfulness of his birthday gift to her. He gives her several great gifts that she loves.

Including a sweatshirt and ball cap which is her favorite thing to wear. But, the best part is the inside of the beautiful gift box. Travis displays photos of them on the inside of the box in the order of the first time they met until the most recent time they saw each other. Surely, Katie Bates and her family are incredibly touched and impressed by the thought he put into the present on Bringing Up Bates.


Bringing Up Bates Update: Katie May be Next Down the Aisle

Bringing Up Bates’ sister Katie Bates may be the next of the Bates’ sisters to head to the altar. No doubt, she and Travis Clark are head over heels for each other. Plus, they’ve already been talking for about nine months. So, it may not be long before Travis pops the question. Of course, Katie adores him and her family sure seems to approve. And, judging by this gift, if Travis proposes he will likely plan a beautiful and elaborate engagement. So, be sure to watch Bringing Up Bates to see Travis Clark surprise Katie Bates for her birthday.

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