‘Bringing up Bates’: Trace Heartbroken – New Season Return Date Revealed

Bringing Up Bates is set to take a short, mid-season break most likely due to the COVID crisis but the return date is revealed and new episodes will be back soon. And, when it does we’ll find Trace Bates heartbroken and other family members facing hard times. Take a look at what to expect when the Bates crew returns for the second half of season 9.

Bringing Up Bates: The Family Struggles with COVID Lockdown

When this season of Bringing Up Bates is back on Thursday, July 23, the Bates bunch shares how they’ve been handling the Coronavirus pandemic. No doubt, it must be incredibly hard to go without seeing family. Especially, when they have a family that is so big and with so many newborns and babies on the way.

Of course, that’s a time where you want your loved ones close to share in your joy. Plus, Whitney Perkins Bates says it’s not the same going into the Bates’ Sisters Boutique without the rest of the girls. Of course, they must do everything by video chat now while in quarantine. So, they miss each other very much and its a struggle for the Bringing Up Bates clan to be in self-isolation.

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Paine - Carlin Bates Stewart

Devastating News for Trace Bates – New Beginning for Katie Bates

Also, when Bringing Up Bates returns Trace Bates shares some sad news with his parents Gil Bates and Kelly Jo Bates. Viewers will recall Trace was courting Chaney Kahle and he was head over heels. Of course, it seemed like she was smitten with a trace as well. However, something changed because when the show comes back from break they are no longer together.

Apparently, Chaney wants to part ways because she doesn’t see them working out. Clearly, Trace is devastated but he has a lot of support. In happier news, Katie Bates is ready to take the next step with Travis Clark. And, he seems ready as well because he prepares a surprise for her. Soon, he serenades her with a song and it looks like they may get more serious on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Shaken – Lawson Comes Home

When the season picks back up in July, fans can expect to see Carlin Bates Stewart panic. Soon, it seems doctor Vic gives her news that doesn’t sit well. He says the baby is ok but it looks like she may just need monitoring. Even still, Carlin can’t help but freak out.

Thankfully, her mom is there to comfort her. Also, Lawson Bates comes home after spending 3 months in the Philippines. Everyone is thrilled and throws him a welcome home party. No doubt, he’s happy to be home.

Follow along with the Bringing Up Bates family when new episodes return in July on UPtv at 9 pm and see Trace Bates share his disappointing news.

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