‘Bringing Up Bates’: Evan and Carlin Bates – The Untold Story of How They Met

This Bringing Up Bates update uncovers the full story of how Evan Stewart and wife Carlin Bates Stewart Stewart met and began their courtship. In their latest video, they spill all the details about how they met that didn’t make it to film on the UP tv reality show. So, check out the beginning of Carlin and Evan’s relationship.

Bringing Up Bates: An Awkward Start for Evan Stewart & Carlin Bates Stewart

Carlin Bates Stewart and hubs Evan Stewart met long before they ever thought about dating on Bringing Up Bates. Evan says the Stewart family met the Bates family about 9 or 10 years ago when the Bates went to the Stewarts’ church in Springfield, Tennessee. Back then, the Bates went around to different churches where Carlin’s father Gilvin Bates would preach and the whole family would sing.

Carlin was 13 and Evan was 16 and she remembers it clearly. He was a short kid with blue eyes and blue braces. And, he’s the main thing Carlin remembers from that visit. Of course, this thrills Evan. Over the next few years, their families would run into each other here and there. But, almost every time Carlin was out of town. At one point, someone even tried to set Evan up with one of her sisters.

A couple of years down the road, on September 17, 2016, Evan’s church held a ladies conference that Carlin’s mom Kelly Jo Bates spoke at. At that point, Carlin was 18 and not a kid anymore and Evan thought she got very cute. So, he made it a point to be one of the guys that serve the ladies at the conference so he could get close to Carlin.

Bringing Up Bates: Evan Stewart - Carlin Bates Stewart

Evan’s Nerves Take Over

Bringing Up Bates’ Carlin Bates Stewart walked in and he was blown away by how pretty she was. He even remembers what she was wearing that day – white blouse and brown skirt. Evan said he was nervous to talk to her because of how cute he thought she was.

Plus, he was the only one of his family members that didn’t approach her and say hi because of his nerves. So, he kept walking back and forth and turning red when he came near her. Then, it was obvious to Carlin that he was into her.

Then, the next time he walked by she said, ‘Hey stranger, aren’t you gonna say hey?!”. And that broke the ice. Also, she gave him a hard time because he used to post funny videos on Instagram and stopped. But, she said she would follow him again if he made more videos. So, that brought them closer together on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Evan Stewart - Carlin Bates Stewart

Things Take a Romantic Turn for Evan and Carlin

Later, after the church conference, the two families went out to dinner together at a Japanese restaurant. Technically, that was not their first date on Bringing Up Bates. But, to Evan, it was. Then, her sister Erin Bates Paine helped things along and told Carlin she should date Evan.

Furthermore, she told him that Carlin was newly single. Later that night they talked for hours while Josie Bates Balka snapped photos of them. Then, the next day, Sunday, they sat together at church and Evan already felt like they were a couple. Surely, he knew right off the bat Carlin is who he wants for the long haul.

However, Carlin was hesitant because she didn’t know if she was ready to start something new on Bringing Up Bates. Then, Evan sang for her and that’s when it hit her – she was like “Oh, I’m in love!” She told him she would like a recording of that song and that’s how he got her phone number.

Bringing Up Bates: Evan Stewart - Carlin Bates Stewart

Bringing Up Bates – Head Over Heels for Each Other

The rest is history for the Bringing Up Bates couple. Since that day in September, not a day has gone by that they didn’t talk or text. Their courtship lasted 3 years before their engagement and fairytale wedding. Recently, they welcomed baby girl Layla Rae Stewart into their small and growing family.

Clearly, Carlin and Evan Stewart are still smitten for each other and their love only grows as the years go on. Layla Rae is their first addition but there are surely many more to come. Get your dose of Bringing Up Bates with new episodes Thursday nights at 9 pm on UP tv. Follow along with Carlin Bates Stewart and hubby Evan Stewart.

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