‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Two Weeks Predictions: Hope Delivers Final Blow as Steffy Leaves

Bold and the Beautiful predictions put Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) in a scene that sends the pregnant CEO packing on the CBS soap. Hope joins a long line of city dwellers on B&B who navigate the fallout from Steffy and Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) night of lust.

B&B predictions go a bit further than the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers this week as Steffy lays the groundwork for the rest of her pregnancy. John Finnegan “Finn” (Tanner Novlan) tops the reasons she gets ready to fly the friendly skies leaving unfriendly LA behind. But it was something she heard Hope say that was the final push to leave.

#1 Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Vinny Walker Makes Enemies

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Ray Valdez in his role as Detective Sanchez showing up soon. But he’s not alone as Dan Martin once again plays his part of Lt. Baker. When these two appear, they’re usually there to investigate a major crime.

B&B spoilers put Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero) as the villain in the latest Bold and the Beautiful saga over a switch in paternity test results. So, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) suspects Vinny lies when he vows he didn’t tamper with the results.

B&B predictions put Vinny as one of the probabilities for a police investigation. When his childhood friend continues to hound him for the truth, there’s a good chance a fight breaks out. With Thomas fresh out of brain surgery, one blow to the head could be fatal.

The cops could be there to investigate a serious injury. Not only does Thomas have his eye on the man who once doled out the pain pills on Bold and the Beautiful, so does Finn. Seeing him in the lab this week started the wheels turning for the handsome doctor.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

#2 B&B Predictions: Steffy Forrester & Liam Spencer Think They’re Alone

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Finn shows his anger in the coming episodes after he overhears Steffy and Liam chatting. But B&B predictions also put Hope Logan alongside Finn after they separately make their way to Steffy Forrester’s office and meet at the door.

The conversation between the cheating husband and the pregnant mom causes an abrupt stop for Finn and Hope. Bold and the Beautiful predictions put these two getting an earful before they let themselves be known.

Next week’s B&B spoilers hint at Steffy and Liam talking about the baby in this private chat. This is what the betrayed wife and handsome doctor overhear when Liam and Steffy think they are alone. They reminisce about the night this unborn child was conceived. While their words are not romantic, they say enough to devastate the two people who love them – Hope and Finn.

#3 Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: John Finnegan True Colors Emerge

B&B spoilers say Steffy is about to leave for Paris, France. This storyline also covers Jacqueline Wood’s maternity leave. But on Bold and the Beautiful, she encounters several incidents that help push her out the door.

The constant bickering between Finn and Liam puts Steffy Forrester’s stress level through the roof. Finn is furious over the conversation he overheard between Steffy and her ex. And… he won’t let it go.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Steffy is furious as well. During another confrontation, Finn tells Liam that every time he’ll look at that child in the future, he’ll be reminded of the night she betrayed him. Then he will think about that night where the two of them slept together for the rest of his life.

Finn discussed his feelings towards the baby early on. He already promised Steffy Forrester that he wouldn’t connect her betrayal to her baby. This causes the pregnant mom to step back. As much as she loves Finn, this is not what she wants for her innocent baby. How can she possibly make a home with Finn if her son or daughter reminds him of the night she cheated on him?

All this happens before the big reveal. Both battling couples learn that the paternity test results were tampered with soon. But things are already said that can’t be taken back. So, B&B spoilers promise this bombshell reveal shakes several people to their core.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle)

#4 B&B Predictions: Hope Logan Helps Push Steffy Out the Door

But it seems this is a turning point for Hope Logan. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers describe the betrayed wife as taking stock of what her life will look like with Liam. She doesn’t like what she imagines.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Hope in a heart-to-heart talk with her mom, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), next week. Because Hope tends to spend more time with Thomas these days, Brooke is on a mission to get Hope back with Liam.

But Hope Logan decides she’s worth more than that. With Liam, she looks at a lifetime of worry over him waffling back to Steffy Forrester. Like Finn, now Hope also sees the bond that her husband and stepsister formed decades ago still seem unbreakable.

Bold and the Beautiful predictions see Steffy Forrester’s decision to leave for Paris based on a few things. She needs time away from her physician boyfriend after overhearing his thoughts on her baby.

She also wants to remove herself from the battlefield featuring Fin and Liam. But she also sees this as a chance for Hope and Liam’s marriage to workout.

It seems by removing herself from town, it stops Liam from dropping by to cry on her shoulder. Apparently, Hope’s reaction to Steffy Forrester when she happens upon her conversation with Liam confirms her need to leave town.

With Steffy at Forrester Creations every day, this only fuels Hope’s fury towards both her husband and stepsister. So, this also gives Steffy a nudge out the door to Paris.

#5 Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Zoe Buckingham Won’t Take No for An Answer

B&B predictions put Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) as another possible contender for the police moving in. It’s no secret to Bold and the Beautiful fans that Zoe despises her sister Paris Buckingham (Diamond White).

Now, Zoe is on a mission to lure Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) back into her web. But B&B predictions say this is a no-go on Carter’s part.

Zoe asked Ridge Forrester for some help getting Carter back. But that was the last thing he would do to his friend. Depending upon how mad Zoe becomes, Ridge could be in her scope as well for revenge.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at Zoe going after Paris in a fit of rage. Some predict it’s Paris who gets hurt, which brings the police into this B&B circle. After all, Paris now has Zende, a man who turned down Zoe. So when sibling rivalry kicks in – maybe Zoe goes too far on this CBS soap.

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