‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Prediction: Steffy’s Trip Delayed When Handcuffs Come Out?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) ready to get away from the bickering between two men, created by her pregnancy status. Next week on the breaking point arrives for Steffy on this CBS soap.

Steffy’s pending departure leaves John Finnegan “Finn” (Tanner Nolan) desperate. B&B spoilers suggest this also leaves Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) feeling lost without Steffy nearby.

But as Steffy Forrester leaves under duress, a bombshell drops and sucks her right back into the place she tries to escape.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Farewell

B&B spoilers have Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) worried about Steffy. So when she tells him she’s leaving for Paris alone, he now worries about her relationship with Finn. While Finn told Steffy he’d be watching out for her from now on, she didn’t know what that entailed until now.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy struggles with giving Liam his walking papers. Finn laid down the rules. He told Liam his access to Steffy revolves around their daughter only. Other than that Steffy Forrester is no longer available to offer a shoulder for her ex to cry on.

But, B&B spoilers point to Liam Spencer ignoring John Finnegan’s boundaries. Liam and Steffy’s relationship is anything but common. They’ve been there for each other at various levels throughout the last few decades. So, when the very independent woman in Steffy bubbles up, she won’t be adhering to anyone’s rules.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) - Dr. John Finnegan Finn (Tanner Novlan)

B&B Spoilers: John Finnegan Gets Huffy

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Finn miffed after realizing this cycle that Steffy Forrester shares with Liam Spencer is far from over. Liam still seems to feel free to drop in unannounced and Steffy thinks nothing of it.

When Finn offers his protest, Steffy Forrester seems to protect Liam Spencer on next week’s B&B. So, when the cheating husband and the hunk of a doctor have words yet again, Steffy throws in the towel.

No matter what, this Bold and the Beautiful mother intends to protect her unborn baby’s health. That means limiting the stress in her life. With these two men constantly marking their territory with escalated anger, Steffy Forrester’s stress level goes through the roof. So, she decides to remove herself from the problem and head to Paris, France.

Finn blows up after hearing Steffy Forrester’s decision. So, it looks like the pregnant mom is on her way and leaving a fuming, yet love-sick Finn in her wake. But something drastic happens on B&B to delay her departure.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Detective Sanchez (Jimmy Ray Valdez) - Lt. Baker (Dan Martin)

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Pulled Back

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Detective Sanchez (played by Jimmy Ray Valdez) and Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) showing up on the CBS soap. These two don’t dole out parking tickets, they come to find where the bodies are buried or to figure out who pulled the trigger. They interview near-fatal victims from hospital beds and look under every rock for the kidnappers.

For Sanchez and Baker to suddenly appear, that usually means there’s a major crime that needs solving. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate this crime keeps Steffy in LA a while longer. The B&B predictions run the full gamut when it comes to just what crime is committed and by who.

Since this crime delays Steffy Forrester’s trip, then it will involve someone close to her. Or maybe it concerns something about her. The theories include Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero) coming to blows with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

Bold and the Beautiful predictions include a fight breaking out after Thomas continues to accuse Vinny of tampering with the paternity results. With the Forrester son just recuperating from brain surgery even the slightest of knocks in the head could prove fatal.

Could Vinny end up in handcuffs after seriously hurting Thomas in a fight? Steffy wouldn’t leave town if Thomas was in the hospital. Or does the reveal that the test results were tampered with cause her to stay in town now that she knows the baby belongs to Finn?

The handcuffs would go on Vinny for this scenario as well. Many more theories spin around this CBS soap and most of them would keep Steffy Forrester close to home.

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