‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt Worries – Sally Hires Thomas At New Spectra?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) may hire Thomas Forrester (recast by Matthew Atkinson) at the revived Spectra Fashions. If so, Sally’s current boyfriend Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) may feel threatened. Sally and Wyatt’s relationship is in a good place now. However, things are bound to change when Thomas strolls back in town.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Spectra Rehires Thomas Forrester?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers showed Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) wanted his son Wyatt back at Spencer Publications. But Wyatt wouldn’t agree unless Bill invested in Spectra Fashions’ comeback. The fashion line was Sally’s family legacy that Dollar Bill wrecked. Bill ends up agreeing to this bargain, resulting in both Wyatt and Sally celebrating this turn of events. Sally can’t believe that Wyatt would do this for her, and the two definitely grow closer because of it.

However, now that Spectra is back, Sally could potentially rehire Thomas Forrester when he heads back to town on Bold and the Beautiful. Thomas will soon hit the scene in LA. This is definitely going to cause at least a little bit of drama, as she and Thomas used to be together.

As the duo also used to work together at her fashion house, she could invite him back to Spectra. After all, he is going to need a job if he plans on staying in LA. If this happens, could this bring a wedge between Wyatt and Sally? If Thomas comes back specifically to win back Sally Spectra, of course he’d jump at the chance to work with her.

B&B Spoilers: Wyatt Spencer Feels Threatened?

Wyatt Spencer and Sally Spectra’s relationship is pretty stable right now on Bold and the Beautiful. The two don’t necessarily have a ton of drama now and really do support each other. However, this could all change once Thomas enters the picture. This could really change if he heads back to work at the new and improved Spectra Fashions.

Sally and Thomas have history, and that’s something that Wyatt can’t ignore. However, Sally and Wyatt are in a committed relationship, and she wouldn’t just leave him for Thomas. That doesn’t mean that he won’t be interested in her when he returns, though, which is definitely a possibility.

If Thomas works with Sally Spectra again, this could leave Wyatt feeling threatened. While they trust each other, they’ve also never been together when he had competition for her affection. So, Thomas could trigger some dramatic scenarios for this couple when he gets back to LA.

Bold and the Beautiful: Potential Drama Ahead for Wally

It seems like drama is just around the corner for Sally Spectra and Wyatt Spencer — known together as “Wally”. After Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) ended his marriage with Katie Logan (Heather Tom), a reunion could brew between Katie and Wyatt. However, they both seem to have put their romantic feelings aside. Now, they both have a good friendship with each other.

It looks like Katie will focus more on Bill on Bold and the Beautiful in the future. However, as Thomas returns soon, he may zone in on Sally. After all, the two have history between each other. Wyatt might not know what to do when he finds himself in this situation. She fell hard for Thomas and would probably still be with him if not for Caroline Forrester’s (Linsey Godfrey) lies.

However, as Sally and Wyatt are a pretty stable couple, they may be able to survive Thomas pursuing her, if it comes to that. Plus, they’re a fan favorite couple of the show now, so let’s hope B&B won’t break the couple up. Thomas is back soon, so buckle your seat belt for a bumpy ride.

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