‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Taylor And Brooke Reignite War

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that fans have watched Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) engage in war over Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) for over a decade. Taylor was the woman that Ridge’s mother Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) thought would be perfect for her son. On the other hand, Brooke always seemed to be the woman Ridge had in his heart. These two women went to great lengths to win the heart of the man they both loved. Brooke even went so far as to ride a horse into one of the weddings between Ridge and Taylor.

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Deep history of Taylor vs Brooke

As B&B spoilers and fans know, it seemed like Ridge was always being pulled in two different directions. Stephanie hated Brooke with a passion and would do anything to keep her away from her son including faking illnesses and telling Ridge that she wanted him to marry Taylor before she died. Ridge would give in to his mom every time and leave Brooke to be with Taylor. Stephanie was a crafty old bird who knew what she wanted and would do anything to get it.

Even with Stephanie’s help, Taylor eventually lost Ridge to Brooke, but that didn’t mean the war was over. Far from it in fact. Taylor got together with Brooke’s ex-husband Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) and the two decided to have a baby using a surrogate since Taylor’s eggs were no longer viable. There was only one problem. Brooke had her eggs tested at the hospital to see if she could have children.

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Baby Jack drama

As Bold spoilers showed, the hospital wound up fertilizing Brooke’s eggs and implanting them into the surrogate. When baby boy Jack was born, he was Nick and Brooke’s biological baby. Brooke was shocked to learn this and offered to sign away her rights to the little boy to Taylor, but Taylor was so angry and depressed she couldn’t deal. This eventually cost her the marriage to Nick who took Jack and left Los Angeles. But the war didn’t stop there.

Ridge and Brooke split up after leaving town and Brooke returned to Los Angeles alone. She then got involved with her sister Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) husband Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Brooke and Bill engaged in a brief fling, but Brooke felt guilty and broke it off. However, she ended pregnant, then miscarried.

Brooke kept the secret to herself, for the most part, only sharing it with those closest to her including Eric Forrester (John McCook). Taylor somehow learned the secret and chose to reveal it at Katie’s birthday party thus destroying the relationship between Katie and Brooke as well as putting Bill and Katie’s marriage on thin ice.

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Hope vs Steffy restarts the war

New Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central say their rivalry is manifesting itself once again in the new generation. Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) has been doing battle with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline Macinnes Wood). Once again, just like their mothers, they are fighting for the love of a man, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). This story has some interesting parallels to their mothers’ story from twenty years ago.

Like their mothers, both women are fighting for a man who can’t seem to make up his mind whom he wants and bounces back and forth. Much like her mother, Steffy is now having a child with Liam and she was hoping that it would bring Liam back to her, but it hasn’t. Also, like Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor’s triangle and Stephanie interfering, we see Hope, Liam and Steffy having their lives manipulated by other people, namely Dollar Bill.

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Taylor and Brooke take sides again

B&B spoilers from She Knows promise this week that Brooke and Taylor go at it again. There have been others who ran interference to keep Liam and Hope apart – or keep Liam and Steffy together. Hope and Liam have had more than their fair share of people messing with their relationship. B&B fans may wonder why there is so much hatred between Steffy and Hope. Some say it’s because Hope got her own clothing line while Katie was married to Bill and running FC. That is a distinct possibility.

However, it could also go deeper than that. While Steffy could love Brooke on some level she could also resent her and Hope because she could harbor feelings that Brooke took her father away from her and her mother. Don’t forget that Steffy’s sister Phoebe was killed on the night of Brooke and Ridge’s engagement party while riding in a car with Rick Forrester (Jacob Young). Steffy seems to have always harbored a belief that Hope had a perfect life – and wanted to take some of that away from her.

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Who will win in the end?

Bold spoilers ask whether Steffy thinking Hope led a charmed life could that be part of what prompted her to go after Liam in the first place? Did Steffy want to prove that she could succeed where her mother Taylor failed and take down a Logan? Is it jealousy or true love for Steffy in her never-ending pursuit of Liam? Will Steffy end up like her mother, heartbroken and alone or will she learn from her mother’s mistakes and move on before she gets in so deep that she can’t get out?

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