‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke’s Mistake With Taylor Puts Baby Kelly at Risk?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) puts Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) over the edge after by planting a seed. Baby Kelly Spencer (Gabriel Sporman) was home alone with Taylor this week when Taylor got down on her knees to beg for Brooke’s mercy. Brooke’s actions at the beginning of this week possible set-up some terrifying moments for future episodes.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Taylor Hayes a Time Bomb?

Brooke questioned Taylor on whether Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) knew she let the babysitter go. Taylor was alone with the baby. This put Taylor on the defensive when it comes to her granddaughter Kelly. Then on Tuesday’s show, Brooke Logan looked rather irritated as Taylor Hayes begged her not to turn her in for shooting Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

These scenes set up the foundation for what’s about to come on Bold and the Beautiful. First of all, Taylor is at Steffy’s house alone with Kelly. It looks like Brooke didn’t take that into consideration when confronting her about Bill’s shooting. This leaves Kelly at home alone with an unhinged grandmother once Brooke leaves.

Brooke Logan Makes Mistake Confronting Taylor?

In the meantime, Steffy is at Forrester Creations arguing with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) over why Hope told Brooke Logan about Taylor’s deed. Both women have a point as they both want to protect their mothers. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that this isn’t the end of Hope and Steffy defending their mothers. It appears this only gets worse.

Hope is fearful that Brooke could one day look down the barrel of a gun with Taylor Hayes on the other end. Steffy tells Hope she knows how much Brooke despises her mother. So by telling Brooke, Hope made matters worse. She might have made Brooke Logan a sitting duck for Taylor Hayes.

Recipe for Disaster?

Hope also tells Steffy that Brooke took off looking for Taylor. Steffy reminds Hope that Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan in the same room is a recipe for disaster. But Hope and Steffy don’t realize that same room is Steffy’s living room with little angel Kelly asleep in the nursery just several feet away.

If Steffy comes home and finds Taylor in the shape she’s in after Brooke got through with her, Steffy may take Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) request more seriously. Liam doesn’t want Kelly around Taylor. If Brooke is still there when Steffy arrives home and the two women are still verbally battling, this is a red flag for Steffy.

It’s a red flag she can’t ignore. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central, Liam continues to press his point to Steffy that Taylor shouldn’t be around Kelly.

Grandmother Rights

If this is the case, Steffy has no other choice than to stop any visits for Taylor unless they’re supervised. That will put Brooke on Taylor’s hate-radar even more so than usual. Taylor would blame Brooke for getting her so upset before Steffy walked in. Especially if Steffy puts restrictions on her mom visiting her granddaughter due to the state Taylor is in.

Depending on how far Bold and the Beautiful is about to go with Taylor acting crazy, this could also put baby Kelly at risk. She sees her role as a grandmother as part of the healing process for her after Bill’s shooting. If she’s not allowed full access to her granddaughter, will she go over the edge? She’d never hurt the baby intentionally, but Taylor isn’t making rational choices. Could she leave and take the baby with her for some alone time?

A Family in Crisis

In her current state of mind, Taylor could rationalize “borrowing” her granddaughter for some alone time with her. She might think that once she brings Kelly back home safe and sound, it won’t be an issue. She might even do this to prove she’s fine with Kelly. All it would take is a few hour’s worths of worry about Taylor having the baby alone to shake everyone up.

If this happens on Bold and the Beautiful, it would put Steffy over the top with worry, it would also entail everyone pointing the finger at Brooke Logan. This would include her own husband, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), Kelly’s grandpa. Steffy, Ridge, and Liam would blame Brooke for confronting Taylor in the first place.

This could leave Brooke and Hope facing off against the rest of the extended family. It might also send Brooke into Bill’s arms for that rebooted love affair that Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased. Her recent behavior is enough to panic everyone if she did take the baby without Steffy’s permission.

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