‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill On Steffy’s Radar – Hope and Liam Coast Clear?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers find Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) sudden defense for Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) a bit odd. She even got a bit snippy with her father over this last week when he condemned Bill Spencer. As fans know, there’s usually a reason for things when planted in the dialog, so where might they go with Steffy Forrester and Bill Spencer?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Kill Two Birds With One Stone

It looks like Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) attempts to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to Bill. Steffy Forrester was quick to point that out to him. Steffy’s past relationship with Bill Spencer seems like the real reason Ridge sticking his nose into Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) custody case, Ridge denies this. For some reason, Steffy feels an allegiance to Bill and she barks at her dad about his hidden agenda.

Steffy Forrester is in the way of Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) happiness. While this is a soap and things usually don’t run smooth, it looks like Steffy might get sidetracked. Team Hope would be thrilled to see Hope Logan get to play out her new role as a wife and mother with Liam Spencer without interference. Or at least without interference for a while. On this soap, not much remains forever, suggest the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Steffy Forrester No Longer Interested in Liam Spencer?

Steffy Forrester might just find herself in another love triangle in the future. Soap Central suggests the kiss Bill planted on Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) came as quite the surprise. Then Bill Spencer took a trip down memory lane that included the love he had for Brooke when she was by his side. It looks like the groundwork is out there for him to pine after Brooke. At the same time groundwork is also started for Steffy to offer her support to Bill in this custody case.

First of all, Steffy as a CEO is almost a mirror image of Bill. She hasn’t managed his level of ruthlessness yet, but she’s not too far off. She came close during her conversation with Hope Logan recently when she pushed her co-CEO position at Hope.

The co-CEO position was her excuse for that chat she had with her father. She did this before the choice over the two designer lines came from Ridge. Steffy attempted to sway Ridge’s decision and basically, she did just that. Hope Logan confronted her on this but she denied it.

This is when Hope Logan laid the groundwork for Steffy to get a critique of herself whether she liked it or not. At first, it looked as though Steffy might try to prove Hope wrong by trying to lure Liam away from Hope. But this new infatuation with Bill and his problems recently cropped up and it looks as if the new mother could go in a different direction. Instead of her baby’s father, it might be the infant’s grandfather she’ll pursue.

B&B Spoilers – Brooke Logan and Steffy Forrester same Doorstep?

Bill’s lonely after he’s been abandoned by his family. While he has Brooke as a cohort, no one is aware of this including Steffy. Under the ploy of checking in with Bill during his hard time, Steff could show up on his doorstep. Furthermore, if her timing is right, she could stumble into her stepmother on the scene and witness Bill’s new infatuation with Brooke.

Steffy already let Liam Spencer go, which was a rash decision she regretted down the line. Now she sees Bill Spencer trying to woo Brooke. If Steff did change her mind about Bill she could have some stiff competition. Probably not from Brooke herself, but if he has Brooke in his scope, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his again.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Spencer Intrigue on the Way?

Just think of all the intrigue that could come out of a plot like this once it’s whipped up. Brooke is Steffy’s stepmother and she’d have something to hold over her head if she does happen upon Brooke at Bill’s home or office. Brooke was very adamant about keeping her time with Bill a secret from Ridge. This was mentioned more than once or twice last week for a reason.

If Steffy did decide she wanted Bill, Liam Spencer would get on this roller coaster as well. This time it wouldn’t be about romance so his marriage would be safe. He just wouldn’t want his baby daughter raised around the man he hates to call his dad. There’d be room for Steffy Forrester to get turned down by Bill Spencer if he really has his sights set on Brooke. This is where Steffy could use her knowledge of Brooke’s secret meetings with Bill.

Don’t forget with Ridge and Brooke on the outs. Their battle started over their daughters and now they are on opposite sides in Katie’s custody case. Brooke isn’t feeling very romantic with her husband these days. She could possibly take her ex up on his advances one of these times. If Steff is privy to this, she could have some power over Brooke and Bill as well.

B&B Spoilers – Hope Logan and Liam Spencer Have a Chance?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy is feeling stronger these days and a little power might just go to her head. Will she decide Bill is best suited for her after all? Some B&B fans believe they make a great match.

Hope did push that critique at Steffy last week how Liam Spencer is better suited for Hope Logan than Steffy. Maybe Steff realized there’s some truth in that, which got her thinking about how Bill is better suited for her.

Will Hope and Liam Spencer enjoy a happy marriage and a new baby without Steffy Forrester in the middle of it all. They could if the Bold and the Beautiful pointed Steffy in Bill’s direction this time around. If she were the hunter instead of the prey, there’s so much intrigue they can spin into this in the future episodes. Check back with Soap Dirt often for the best Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.