‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Hope Paints Steffy a Seductress – Scorned Woman Emerges?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) in a very dark place. That idealistic blended family and the future Kumbaya-like moments once planned by Liam’s ladies implodes. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is in the middle once again as the plot unfolds. But this time around it looks like Liam is oblivious to what is really going on.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Forrester at Work

The Forrester Creations decision that involved the two ladies put them at odds. Furthermore, it opened old wounds and this now paves the way for a rocky future to unfold, according to the B&B spoilers. Hints of things to come are found in the confrontation between Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan at FC on Wednesday’s episode.

Hope attempted to put Steffy in her place when it comes to empowering women. She told Steffy that lingerie isn’t the way to go. It looks like Hope planted a seed that might set Steffy out to prove Hope wrong. Due to Steffy’s infatuation with the sensual side of life, Hope let Steffy know she’s a better match for Liam. It looks as if Liam Spencer may become a test subject for Steffy Forrester as she attempts to find out Liam’s true preference.

Liam Spencer a Doting Husband to Hope Logan

Liam is once again in Steffy’s sights now that this comparison was made. But this time around it may be a problem and a lot more work for Steffy. Liam appears to play the doting husband these days now that his wandering eye seems under control. Comments from B&B fans suggest that Liam’s lack of interest in Steffy is noticeable. He pays no attention to her as she parades around Forrester Creations in lingerie.

Still, it looks as though Steffy is taking Hope’s words as a challenge and she just might play that lingerie card to prove her wrong. Many of the show’s fans see Hope’s happiness as something she deserves. It looked as if Steffy saw it that way for a while. But as the B&B spoilers suggest, Steffy is about to demonstrate her real thoughts on Liam. B&B spoilers put Steffy on a test run with the lingerie, according to Soap Central. Will this test run also include a hidden agenda?

B&B Spoilers – Put a Woman Scorned in Lingerie?

It looks like Steffy could go out of her way to get Liam’s opinion on her lingerie. Despite Liam’s oblivion to the scantily-clad Steffy on the FC catwalk, Steffy’s plan might just include a little sideshow for Hope as well.

With Hope in eyesight of Steffy and Liam at FC, the scorned ex might just play it up to plant doubt in Hope’s mind. Despite Liam’s intentions of total devotion to Hope, Steffy can manipulate him without Liam even being aware of the situation.

A Fake Seduction?

A quick wipe of her hand against his cheek or a request to fasten a snap on her next-to-nothing attire is all Steffy would need for Hope to see. Scenes like this in future episodes are bound to give Hope some doubt. Steffy did manipulate her father to get the FC top slot, so you can’t put this past her.

Steffy Forrester also has something that ties her to Liam forever – baby Kelly Forrester-Spencer (Gabriel Sporman). Liam Spencer visits with his daughter no matter what happens between Steffy and Hope. Hope Logan would never keep Liam from his daughter as well.  Steffy knows this and will most likely use this to her advantage.

Hope is not usually with Liam during the visits, which gives Steffy alone time with him. That lingerie might become something that Steffy happens to wear around-the-house when Liam comes around. Will Steffy go out of her way to prove to Hope that Liam really does like “her kind of woman” better?

B&B History Weighs Heavy on the Mind

History shows that it doesn’t take much to get Liam excited. After all, he’s with Hope now after Steffy caught them in the FC dressing room together. At the time he did this his life was with Steffy and their new baby, so there’s not much that stops Liam.

According to B&B spoilers, this will give Steffy Forrester some food for thought. Furthermore, this will weigh heavy on Hope’s mind each time he goes to visit his daughter. Hope can’t stop him and she won’t but that doesn’t stop her worry over Liam and Steffy. Especially now that the blended family idea is no longer intact.

Liam Spencer stepped up to the plate for Hope Logan as a caring husband. Furthermore, he even sided with her in the boardroom. The once waffling man hasn’t paid much attention to Steffy in her modeling attire, so it looks like he’s been good husband material so far. Will Steffy manage to change this and sabotage this happy couple?

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