‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Should Ridge Choose Taylor – Ditch Brooke & Shauna?

Bold and the Beautiful now sees Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) torn between two women, but is Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) the one he should choose instead? When B&B swapped from new episodes to re-runs, it left a cliffhanger with Ridge. Would the CBS soap swap things around in the story and bring Taylor back into the mix?

Bold and the Beautiful: How Ridge Forrester Met Taylor Hayes

B&B history recalls that Ridge Forrester’s OG soulmate was the original Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). However, she died of cancer, and that led him to Dr. Taylor Hayes, who was a psychiatrist and cancer specialist. After losing Caroline, he turned to Taylor for comfort.

Bold and the Beautiful recaps recall that Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) and Taylor bonded over their mutual dislike of Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Unfortunately, Taylor Hayes rejected Ridge’s proposal way back in the day, worried he still had the hots for his Logan.

But on Bold and the Beautiful, after Taylor left town, Ridge Forrester tracked her down in St. Thomas and convinced her that she was the woman he wanted. So, they got married. Then, tragic events ripped them apart – and Brooke took advantage of the situation.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) - Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) - Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

B&B Amnesia, Captivity, and Secret Cheating

On Bold and the Beautiful, a plane crash supposedly killed Taylor Hayes. Before she left, Taylor penned a letter describing how she’d cheated with James Warwick (Ian Buchanan), but Stephanie got rid of it to keep the secret. Of course, Taylor was alive and well, but an amnesiac.

Prince Omar Rashid (Kabir Bedi) had her captive on Bold and the Beautiful. In the end, she had to marry the prince but ran back to America to help Ridge Forrester, who’d gone blind. Yet still, he was tempted by Brooke and chose his Logan. But Taylor loved him so much she drunkenly torched herself.

Eventually, Taylor Hayes gave Ridge three children on Bold and the Beautiful. But Brooke wouldn’t let go and interfered at every turn. As longtime fans know, Taylor lost Ridge over and over, but always wanted to get back with him — and loved him like no other. Plus, her son needs her now since he’s loopy – so will she be back?

Taylor Proved Her Love Again and Again on Bold and the Beautiful

Over the years, Taylor Hayes only turned to other men when Ridge Forrester let her down, usually by cheating with Brooke. Now, she’s single, and sane (despite shooting Bill Spencer), and is available to reunite with Ridge. So, would she be a better match than the other two women?

Brooke just put her lips back on Dollar Bill on Bold and the Beautiful, so will that ever stop? Many fans think Brooke will always be a cheater, and so Ridge Forrester might be better off with another woman. But, is that woman Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards)?

Although Shauna seems to genuinely love Ridge, is it infatuation or the real deal? No doubt when Bold and the Beautiful resumes filming new episodes, Ridge Forrester’s lady dilemma will be front and center. But, should he forget Brooke and Shauna and get back with Taylor Hayes instead?

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