What Happened to Taylor Hayes on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ – Will She Be Back?

Bold and the Beautiful classic episodes have fans asking about Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and they want to know if she’s coming back. B&B fans want their favorite back on the CBS sudser once it returns after the hiatus. So, what’s up with Taylor and is Hunter Tylo coming back to the soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Reruns Revisited Taylor Hayes and Prince Omar

In a classic 1994 episode that aired in May, we saw Taylor Hayes escaping obsessive Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi). Her love, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), married Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) because he thought she was dead on Bold and the Beautiful.

Meanwhile, Omar kept her captive, and she was called Princess Laila. After she found out that Brooke married Ridge, Taylor Hayes agreed to marry the Prince. Later, she worked her back to LA and helped take care of Ridge, who was blind at the time, remind Bold and the Beautiful recaps.

The good news back then was that since Ridge wasn’t a legal widow, his marriage to Brooke wasn’t valid. Of course, Brooke wouldn’t leave Taylor’s man alone, right? In fact, all this angst with Brooke trying to take Taylor Hayes’ man still has ripple effects today on Bold and the Beautiful.

Taylor’s Son Thomas Forrester Needs Her on B&B

It’s the perfect time for Bold and the Beautiful to bring back Taylor Hayes. Both her children need her right now. First, Taylor’s boy Thomas Forrester is (Matthew Atkinson) broken and troubled. That two-bride wedding blew up in his face, and he’s sad and alone now.

And, he certainly needs some counseling. We’ve heard on Bold and the Beautiful recaps that Taylor Hayes talked to him over the phone, but those sessions didn’t seem successful. Perhaps if she came back to town and worked with Thomas in-person, she could break through to him.

Also, Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) living as a single mom who could surely use her mother’s counsel. After all, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) remarried Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), so Steffy’s at loose ends on Bold and the Beautiful. No doubt, Taylor Hayes could help.

Bold and the Beautiful Comings & Goings – Will Taylor Return for her Family?

Also, when new episodes of B&B resume shooting (here’s the latest on that), Ridge has some issues to address. Before the hiatus, Ridge had a black-out bender in Las Vegas. Then Brooke basically kidnapped him to get him away from Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) on Bold and the Beautiful.

So, Taylor could be a friend for Ridge when he needs to hear a voice of reason. Of course, Taylor Hayes loves Ridge and might like to take him away from both Shauna and Brooke. But even if Ridge isn’t ready for that, he might look to his ex-wife for comfort and advice.

In the end, there’s a ton of reasons to bring back Taylor Hayes to Bold and the Beautiful. Fans adore and miss Taylor and would love to see her again. She left town a while ago. But, while the writers retool the soap on the break, maybe they’ll write a new plot for Taylor Hayes. For now, there’s no return date for the character.

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