‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Sally Spectra Disease Twist Infuriates Fans – And It Gets Worse Soon

Bold and the Beautiful viewers want to know what’s happening with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). The CBS soap frustrated fans by not revealing Sally’s diagnosis. Clearly, it’s deadly and the fact that there’s no cure or treatment’s even worse. See what comes soon on B&B for Sally? Find out the frustrating truth about how B&B’s messing with fans.

What’s Wrong with Sally Spectra – Bold and the Beautiful?

Spoilers know Sally Spectra’s time is running out. But, what is this deadly thing killing her and is there any chance doctor’s made a mistake? B&B spoilers said someone dies during sweeps. But, will it be Sally? And, what did the doctor tell her and Katie Logan (Heather Tom)?

Already, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Katie breaks her promise to Sally Spectra. And, she spreads the word that the redhead’s dying. But, fans hoping that Katie will spell out the medical facts for viewers as she tells Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) – don’t hold your breath.

Surely, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) demands details when Katie tells him the awful news. So, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers wonder when (or if) the medical crisis is revealed. Would the CBS soap do something awful and never tell fans what’s killing Sally Spectra? It’s looking that way.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) - Katie Logan (Heather Tom)

What Could Kill Sally in a Month on B&B?

Will Bold and the Beautiful spoilers keep Sally Spectra’s diagnosis a secret? If so, that’s a pretty crappy things for B&B to do to fans. Sure, she’s having issues, but she doesn’t look like she’s at death’s door. Most things that kill you that fast have major symptoms.

If she had severe meningitis or a scary bacterial infection, Sally Spectra would be sick in a hospital bed. What if Bold and the Beautiful spoilers gave her cancer? Most types, even those diagnosed in stage IV leave you with a few months to live.

But, the latest promo seems to indicate Sally Spectra’s doomed within weeks. That seems strange given that Sally’s walking, talking and just decided to see a doctor. So, will Bold and the Beautiful invent an illness that’s deadly and strangely fast-paced? Or will they do the unthinkable?

Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

Bold and the Beautiful Leaves Fans in the Dark on Sally

Surely, it would be diabolical if the CBS sudser killed off Sally without explaining why. And, the fact that they muted the doctor telling the women is a red flag. In a new interview, Sally Spectra actress Courtney Hope confirmed the worst about her illness with fresh Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Maybe B&B doesn’t want to be hassled over medical details in their plot. Or maybe they want wiggle room to give her a last-second miracle cure. But, we now know that Bold and the Beautiful will NOT reveal Sally Spectra’s illness. Courtney said it will “not be named” on the CBS sudser. WOW…

So, while fans already raged on social media over the editing that muted the doctor’s reveal – expect more of it to come. But with no diagnosis, that also leaves room for a miracle cure, Courtney also hinted. Another question – will Wyatt will undo the split and marry Sally Spectra before she passes away?

Keep watching the CBS daytime to see what’s next.

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