‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sally Dying or ‘B&B’ Tricking Fans Again?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) gets a deadly diagnosis next week but the CBS soap’s lied to fans before. While it seems like she’s got just a month to live, could this be sneaky promo editing to mislead us? If they’re killing Sally Spectra, what’s the diagnosis – and will she really die?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Spectra’s Scary Prognosis

Next week’s B&B spoilers promise it’s “D-Day” for Sally Spectra. As in Diagnosis Day. And, the news is very bad (maybe). But, Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) there for Sally. We’re also left wondering what kind of tests the doctor ran to get this result. The promo video’s so choppy, it could be a big misdirect.

Because, the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers video seems terrible for Sally Spectra. When she gets her lab tests, Sally’s tearful. Then, she’s at her desk trying to work and says she can’t believe she’s got so little time. Then she says “one month – it’s all I have left”.

But does that mean one month of her life left – or one month until the fashion challenge? Or, maybe Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have her Forrester bosses tell her you’ve got one month to do better designs or you’re fired.

Because, in real life, it’s farfetched for a doc to test your blood and come back a day later and tell you that you’ll be dead in a month. Yet, that’s what Bold and the Beautiful spoilers seem to predict for Sally Spectra soon. But what have B&B writers decided as Sally’s fate – and are they toying with fans?

B&B Spoilers: Sally’s Terrified – One Month to Live?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promised us a death in February sweeps. Then in the promo, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) asks “she’s dying?”. But, will the CBS soap actually kill off Sally Spectra? Remember the last time B&IB said someone would die? It was an outright lie. So, can we trust this promo?

Late last year, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers said someone would meet their maker. Then, they dipped Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) in a bubbly hot tub and let him hide for eight hours. Now, they’re telling us someone’s set to die. And, then they hand Sally Spectra a crisis.

But, don’t forget they could still play games. Because, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers could have Sally flatline and then revive her. But, she’d technically have “died” at that point. So, is this a game Bold writers are playing with fans with the sweeps death spoiler? There could be much more to this.

Will B&B Kill Sally – or Another Fib to Fans?

Two things are clear. Many fans are upset and would prefer Bold and the Beautiful take out Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) instead of Sally Spectra. Second, if the CBS sudser lied again about a character death, viewers will be furious. Yet, most fans want to keep Sally around.


So, would Bold and the Beautiful kill off the last “real” Spectra? (CoCo doesn’t really count…) Sally is Sally Spectra 2.0 — the embodiment of her glorious Great-Aunt Sally – the OG redhead troublemaker on B&B. So, yes, Sally’s got an illness. And it may end her fashion career for now. But is it fatal? Maybe not.

Because, they may go doom and gloom only to send her off to recuperate with her family and write her off for now. So, wait and see. B&B’s not one to kill off characters. Plus, they lied before about death. Clearly, the CBS soap can’t be trusted when it comes to promos and “official” spoilers…

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