‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Prediction: Quinn Fuller Humiliated by Zoe Payback

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) takes Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) for a sap, as she trusts that Quinn has her best interests at heart. For just a few moments there, some of the fans of this CBS soap thought the same thing. It seemed on the up and up of one gal-pal helping out the other. But Zoe and Bold and the Beautiful viewers have seen nothing yet.

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Quinn Fuller Takes Zoe Buckingham For A Ride

Strange things happened to Quinn when she started on a mission for her newfound friend. She was to do her best to reel in Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) for Zoe as planned. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate the self-proclaimed Forrester matriarch has a change of plans.

Everyone at Forrester Creations knows of Quinn’s manipulative personality. Even new hire, Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) talked with Carter about Quinn’s tendencies. But for some reason, that interoffice memo seemed to miss Zoe Buckingham. She’s put her entire future in Quinn Fuller’s hands last week on B&B.

Quinn did just what she promised. She slid on over to Carter’s house and made a plea for the Bold and the Beautiful handsome lawyer to take back Zoe Buckingham. But she seemed to spend very little time on that request.

Instead, she found Carter very engaging and offered up what her husband would truly think was too much information. Quinn rambled on about her sex life with Eric Forrester (John McCook), or rather, lack of one. She didn’t give it much of a try when it came to enticing Carter back to his ex on Bold and the Beautiful.

Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer)

B&B Predictions: Honesty Is Not Quinn’s Best Policy

So, what does Quinn Fuller do next when it comes to her Bold and the Beautiful matchmaking? She seems to pull out her best imitation of honesty by telling Zoe Buckingham she doesn’t have a chance with Carter.

Carter wasn’t very receptive to Quinn Fuller’s quick suggestion that he take Zoe Buckingham back. But it didn’t sound like the door completely shut to this Bold and the Beautiful couple. Although, Quinn described it that way to her desperate friend.

It looked as if Quinn Fuller was finding an exit from her matchmaking duties by telling Zoe it’s a lost cause. Instead, Zoe pushed a little for her buddy to continue.

But Bold and the Beautiful predictions suggest Quinn Fuller sees Zoe Buckingham’s newest ploy as beneficial for herself. That’s because Zoe’s new plan has Quinn becoming besties with Carter. She’s to befriend him and find out what he’s thinking these days. This way Zoe will know if he sets his sights on another woman.

So, it seems that Zoe Buckingham unknowingly just gave Quinn the ticket for seducing Carter. Bold and the Beautiful predictions say Quinn will play this out until she gets Carter tangled in her web between the sheets. But… she underestimated her British gal pal when it comes to revenge.

 Zoe Buckingham - Kiara Barnes

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Payback From Zoe Drops Jaws

Zoe Buckingham believes her buddy Quinn Fuller attempts to bring Carter back to her. But Bold and the Beautiful predictions suggest that Zoe happens to overhear the two of them in Carter’s office. As Quinn told Carter this week on Bold and the Beautiful, no one at FC is aware that her marriage is failing. But it sounds like Zoe is about to fix that.

B&B predictions say Zoe overhears Quinn Fuller make a pass at Carter. There’s no mistaking what she hears and along with jealousy, brutality emerges from Zoe Buckingham. Kiara, who plays Zoe, is leaving Bold and the Beautiful. So, it appears as if this gives the soap plenty of room for a crazy, tragic, miraculous, or devastating storyline for her farewell.

For starters, Bold and the Beautiful predictions say the ploy Zoe Buckingham cooks up will undoubtedly expose Quinn Fuller’s extracurricular activities with Carter. But she will want to be sure Eric gets a good earful of this without it coming from her. Once Eric learns of Quinn’s latest ploy, you can guarantee that portrait of her on Eric’s mantle comes down.

Even if Carter remains unwavering with his morals and refuses Quinn Fuller’s advances it’s still a catastrophe for her. When the Bold and the Beautiful patriarch finds out his wife made attempts to seduce this close family friend it’s over. Just an attempt by his wife is enough for Eric to push this marriage into the compost pile.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) - Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer)

B&B Predictions: Company-Wide Announcement?

With Kiara’s feet out the Bold and the Beautiful door, the show could have some fun with Zoe exposing Quinn Fuller. When the lady from the UK discovers that her buddy baited her and went after Carter for herself, there’s a price to pay. As humiliating as this is for Zoe, she’ll do one better for Quinn.

So how will Zoe up the ante on Quinn’s carefully orchestrated plan?  Zoe Buckingham and her devious cohort, Quinn Fuller, are both skilled in humiliating people. Look what they just did to Paris. Zoe spiked her drink after coaxing from Quinn. She did this before Paris’ romantic date with Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz). Her stomach rumbled and groaned so much that Zende took a few steps back.

The poor guy didn’t know whether to go get a splash guard or send her home. Thankfully Paris knew enough to make her excuses and quickly exit. This Bold and the Beautiful scene was the epitome of humiliation. So, why wouldn’t Zoe turn to a good mortifying payback for Quinn?

Eric Forrester (John McCook) - Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer)

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Here It Comes?

Bold and the Beautiful predictions say Zoe sets both Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton up. She does this by transmitting their private conversation from Carter’s office all through FC. Whether it’s taped or live via intercom, she’ll make sure it isn’t traced back to her.

All Quinn has to do is talk about Eric not touching her and how lonely she is. Carter’s advice no matter how generic it may be will fuel the fire. It appears as if  Zoe Buckingham has the last laugh on Quinn Fuller. If all of FC learns she’s not getting any and she’s looking to Carter Walton to fill in, it’s a mess for both of them on this CBS Soap.

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