‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Most Twisted Couples – Mothers, Brothers, And Lovers

Bold and the Beautiful fans know that the CBS soap is known for some of the most disturbing pairings in the genre. B&B skirts the edges of decency with its creepy family couplings, vast age differences, and sibling/spouse swaps that leave many viewers cringing. Love it or hate it, given the small cast of the 30-minute soap, Bold is known for quasi-creepy couples. Check out some of the most twisted two-somes (and threesomes) on the soap.

Quinn and Liam: mother/brother lover

Bold and the Beautiful Twisted Couples Quinn and Liam

It’s disturbing to sleep with your son’s brother but on B&B is par for the course. Not only was Quinn Fuller [Rena Sofer] making sweet love to Liam Spencer [Scott Clifton], half-brother to her son Wyatt Spencer [Darin Brooks], but doing so after she kidnapped him and let him suffer from head trauma. Remember that Quinn hated Liam enough to try and kill him in the past, but things changed drastically. Once her mortal enemy, Quinn got the chance to get Liam out of Steffy’s life long enough for Wyatt to marry her, but it was a sick twisted plot.

Liam bonked his head on an airplane ride to Australia and came back addled. Quinn took advantage of his fainting spell and shoved him in the car and took him out to her remote cabin. Once there, Quinn convinced Liam that they were married. Then, when Liam wanted some sack time with his “wife” Quinn couldn’t say no. The problem was she fell hard for her son’s brother and when it all came out, Quinn was shunned by everyone. Now, though, there’s peace in the family, but don’t forget Quinn was kissing her husband’s son not too long ago…

Katie and Wyatt: another mother/brother lover

Bold and the Beautiful Twisted Couples Wyatt and Katie

Katie Logan [Heather Tom] was disgusted by what Quinn did to Liam, but that didn’t slow her down from rebounding with her son Will’s big brother Wyatt Spencer [Darin Brooks]. It sure seemed like Katie was gunning for romance with Eric Forrester [John McCook] but when Sheila Carter [Kimberlin Brown] rolled back to town, Katie needed a different plot. With Katie and Wyatt both stinging from divorce, they had common ground that no one else but them understood. How many people have their spouse stolen by a sibling?

With Wyatt losing Steffy to Liam and Katie losing Bill Spencer [Don Diamont] to Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang], they were in a unique position to understand one another. Of course, it’s gross that Wyatt is a close and loving brother to her son Will. How do you explain to your son (Will) that his big brother is now his mom’s boyfriend. Awkward. When Quinn found them in bed, her reaction was over the top hypocritical considering what she did with Wyatt’s other brother last year. Can Katie and Wyatt last with the odds stacked against them?

Brooke and Deacon: son-in-law stealer

Bold and Beautiful Twisted Couples Brooke and Deacon

Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang] is known for her long string of lovers but she definitely crossed a line when she bedded then son-in-law Deacon Sharpe [Sean Kanan] when he was married to Bridget Forrester [Ashley Jones]. That earned Brooke the nickname “the whore of Beverly Hills.” Before Deacon and Brooke were man and wife, he was hitched to Bridget but Brooke can’t keep her hands off any man – particularly when the guy is attached to her daughter or her sister. No wonder Brooke’s got a bad rep in LA.

Not only did Deacon run off and elope with Bridget, but he took her virginity while on a secret call with the Forresters so they could hear him deflowering her. Gross. Not only did Brooke sleep with Deacon when he was married to her daughter Bridget, but she was sloppy and wound up pregnant. So Brooke was pregnant with another daughter while sleeping with her other daughter’s husband. That’s how Hope Logan was created, for those that weren’t watching back then. There aren’t too many lines Brooke won’t cross when it comes to sex.

Brooke and Oliver: hello Mrs. Robinson

Bold and Beautiful Twisted Couples Brooke and Oliver
Bold and Beautiful Twisted Couples Brooke and Oliver

Not only did Brooke sleep with Bridget’s husband, she scored with teen daughter Hope Logan’s [Kim Matula] high school sweetie Oliver. It’s never a good idea to have sex with a guy at a masked ball when there’s a chance you might be hooking up with a teenager… Brooke was in a dress just like Hope’s and wearing a mask just like Hope when masked Oliver danced with Brooke and took her to the balcony. It’s not clear why Oliver thought Hope would give up her virginity standing up outside a party where anyone could walk in on them, but he went for it.

Brooke thought she was hooking up with Ridge Forrester [Thorsten Kaye] and Oliver thought he was deflowering Hope, but that doesn’t make it any less shady. Oliver thought he took Hope’s virginity but instead he nailed her middle-aged mom. And the look on Oliver’s face when Brooke came back into the party and pulled off her mask was priceless. It seems there’s no man safe from Brooke’s wiles if they’re with one of her daughters or sisters. Brooke’s a man-eating wrecking ball at her worst. This was a mistake, but that doesn’t make it less disturbing.

Bridget and Ridge: uncle toucher

Bold and the Beautiful Twisted Couples Bridget and Ridge

Considering who her mom is, it’s no wonder Bridget can’t behave herself. Brooke must have passed all her sketchy sex genes on to her daughter because Bridget found herself fantasizing about hooking up with her Uncle Ridge. Not only did Bridget think Ridge was her uncle, but he was on and off again with her mom Brooke and had a kid with her. While it turned out that Ridge was not Bridget’s uncle, she didn’t know that when she was daydreaming about getting into some naughtiness with him. What is it with Bold and the family romances?

Why would B&B even go there? It’s sick, but Bold and the Beautiful did it anyway. But at least the CBS soap held off airing the kiss until Bridget discovered that Ridge was not Eric Forrester’s son and was indeed a Marone. Even so, that’s her mother’s man, right? No sex, but still disturbing. As for Ridge, he’s got the worst judgment about women but at least he didn’t sleep with the love of his life’s daughter. But Ridge has stolen women from his dad Eric and most recently, stole kisses from Eric’s current wife Quinn. It’s too close for comfort!

Steffy and Liam and Wyatt and Bill: a family affair

Bold and the Beautiful Twisted Couples Steffy, Liam, Wyatt, and Bill

Before Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] touched the Spencer brothers, she had the hots for big daddy Bill Spencer Jr [Don Diamont]. Back then, Bill was married to Katie, but he wanted Steffy badly. They got semi-naked a few times and almost went all the way, but circumstances intervened and they never consummated. When Katie suffered a heart spell, Dollar Bill decided he had to stick with his wife and cut Steffy out, but the sultry brunette has never gotten over her almost-lover and now it’s sparking again.

It’s super sketchy since she married both of his sons and is now to flirting with Dollar Bill. While dealing with Bill, Steffy has been very “hands on” touching his knee, rubbing on him, and giving lingering hugs. The look on both Steffy and Bill’s faces show they’re both thinking about the past and what might have been. Even though Liam and Dollar Bill recently made peace, that doesn’t mean Bill won’t wind up bedding Steffy at long last. That means Steffy will have been with all three Spencer men before it’s said and done.

Many B&B fans express outrage over the pairing of Wyatt and Katie but longtime watchers now this is the modus operandi of Bold and the Beautiful. They dance along the edge of propriety and sometimes, waltz right over it.

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    I think Hope & Liam need to be Married to see, if they can Realy Make it and Survive as Husband & Wife. Without interference from anyone. They Deserve that. Steffy & Bill really put it on Hope cruelty to Separate Them Years ago. Steffy don’t have the Right to be made with Hope after all she & Bill Did to Hope. Drugs, sending the Poprozzie after her while out of Town promoting Her clothing line- Hope for the Future in Paris. They were Terrible to Hope. Now there is a Baby she wants Hope to be considerate. What Steffy did was awful with Bill, and the baby might be Bill’s. She wanted to make Love ❤️ to Bill for a Long Time, Bill wanted Her Also. That night they were together The steam was coming off them Sheets. She still Loves ♥️ Him now. That’s why she wants her Father, Ridge to Leave Bill alone. Hope & Liam need a Chance Live as Husban & Wife And Co Raising his Daughter with Steffy. Imagine Hope being Pregnant ?? with Liam’s & Her Baby????? ??????♥️???????????❤️?????✌?????‍♀️

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