‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Hope Sleepwalking or Victim of Cruel Joke?

Bold and the Beautiful predictions put Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) in a state of sleepwalking or possibly the victim of a rather cruel joke on the CBS soap. This week B&B seemed to keep Hope in her pajamas. But not only while she’s at home. Bold and the Beautiful seems to have her in her bedtime clothes at work as well.

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Hope Logan Screams Fashion Fail

Then it seems Bold and the Beautiful added insult to injury to Hope Logan’s latest scenes. While she looked as if she was crawling out of a long night’s slumber, her co-star was dressed just the opposite on B&B.

Newcomer Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) was ready for a red carpet walk given her stylish ensemble. But Bold and the Beautiful looked to have them both dressed strangely for the office. Even more noticeable, Hope Logan looked unstylish – according to many fans.

She had on a jumpsuit that resembled something your grandfather might wear to bed. It also had the wrinkles that one might expect to see after sleeping in this Bold and the Beautiful odd attire. Hope wears that outfit in the photo below. Is it wrinkly PJs or the latest offering from Hope for the Future?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle)

B&B Predictions: The Joke Is On Hope?

While watching Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes of Bold and the Beautiful, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Annika Noelle made an enemy in the wardrobe department. If that’s the case – it seems as if they’re now taking it out on her B&B character Hope.

Then as the Bold and the Beautiful audience watched Hope in action, some wondered why they would dress a character like this. Especially Hope Logan. She is the head of the fashion line HFTF. Why have her so frumpy and in unkempt-looking outfits?

Instead of demonstrating that this Bold and the Beautiful fashion house executive, Hope Logan, has a good eye for design, they dressed her in a way that suggests Hope has no taste at all. But the lack of eye-pleasing attire is nothing new these days on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) - Paris Buckingham (Diamond White)

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: All Part of Grabbing Attention?

In recent weeks, the chatter continued about the choice of wardrobe for the Bold and the Beautiful female stars. On a couple of B&B episodes, Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) wore something that also looked like it came from an elderly relative. The giant broach with pearls was a busy throwback.

Zoe had so many bobbles hanging off her clothes that it seemed as if she might topple over from their excess weight. She looked as if she competed with a Christmas tree. This Bold and the Beautiful outfit did nothing for the top model at Forrester Creations.

Then at the same time, they draped chains that resembled handbag straps, all over Paris’ bright yellow jacket. However, hers was at least modern-looking. Both Zoe and Paris appear above in those outfits.

Even Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) took a few fashion hits. She appeared as if the wardrobe department did everything they could to play down her gorgeous natural beauty. But Hope appeared just fine today on Bold and the Beautiful — if they planned to put her in a sleepwalking scene.

No, instead she appeared as if she were ready for bed and then sent out to work. But because of where she works, she should appear as a power player in the clothing design world.

So maybe Hope Logan did peeve someone off at B&B. Possibly the person in charge of picking out her clothes from the Bold and the Beautiful wardrobe department? Or someone behind the scenes decided the audience needed a good laugh.

But if it’s publicity that B&B wanted, they got it. Hope Logan’s outfit caught the viewer’s eye on the CBS soap and it’s become a major topic of chatter today.

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