‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Hope Stands In Steffy’s Shoes – Not a Good Fit?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), emerges from the wedding worried. The bride realizes she’s about to live someone else’s life. It is the life that belongs to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). This hits Hope hard as the dust from the wedding chaos clears.

Bold and the Beautiful Rips Away Happiness for a Rude Awakening?

Hope Logan has a rude awakening about the baggage she’ll have in tow as Mrs. Liam Spencer. She’s finally married and she thought that is all she ever wanted. But the B&B spoilers describe how life with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) looks a bit complicated today.

Hope is uncomfortable in the aftermath of her wedding. Marrying Liam inspired pain and anger in others, which played out at the wedding. Steffy’s reaction as Hope and Liam said their vows is evidence that she is not ready to let go of Liam. Steffy Forrester was prompted into saying a few words at the wedding. With that said, you could see her pain hiding behind those words.

Hope Logan is now in Steffy Forrester’s Shoes

Hope Logan is standing where Steffy Forrester stood. It was not so long ago when she essentially hijacked Hope’s life at her Aspen wedding, reminds IBT. While this might seem like karma to some people, it doesn’t to Hope. She is not feeling very good about herself for doing the same thing to Steffy.

Hope knows that this time around, she was pushed on Liam, first by Steffy and then by her own mother. Steffy was still in shock about finding Hope and Liam together when she insisted on the two getting married. That, plus Bill’s lied, made this a complicated non-traditional situation leading up to the wedding.

B&B Scripts Quick Marriage for a Reason

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that pushing for the Lope marriage was Steffy’s way of closing the door on Liam. But after the bride witnessed Steffy get up during the ceremony, Hope realized that door is still ajar. Then Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) put this wedding together at light speed.

A quickly arranged wedding was to assure Hope became a wife before Steffy and Liam changed their minds. This all comes rushing back to Hope as she walks away from the rubble of the wedding with her new husband.

Hope Logan Not in Celebrating Mood?

This should be a time for celebration but Mrs. Liam Spencer might not feel much like celebrating. Despite Liam setting up an impromptu romantic honeymoon at the cabin, Hope is haunted by the events at the wedding. B&B spoilers hint to the new bride worried about what fate has in store for this marriage. She can’t keep Liam and Steffy apart, as they share a child together.

Liam has made no secret of loving both Hope and Steffy. Furthermore, he tends to love the one he is with at the time. This was more than evident with what went on between him and Hope in that dressing room. Liam had Steffy and Kelly at home but yet it was Hope he was about to ravish if Steffy hadn’t walked in. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to trouble ahead.

Liam Spencer’s Waffling Doesn’t Escape Hope

None of these past incidents have been forgotten by Hope. B&B spoilers point to her having a hard time with this. Now that she’s married to Liam, will his love for Steffy put her marriage in harm’s way? There’s nothing stopping Liam from having a moment of passion with Steffy just like he did with Hope at Forrester Creations.

Hope may find herself in Steffy’s place in that doorway with Liam explaining “it just happened” one day. He will be spending a lot of time with Steffy because of Kelly and that fact doesn’t escape Hope now that the wedding dust has settled.

Brooke Logan Interferes Yet Again?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Brooke tries to get Hope to open up. She wants her daughter to talk about her feelings regarding Steffy Forrester and Hope’s new husband Liam Spencer. Hope’s woes are apparently quite noticeable to her mother.

The B&B spoilers also point to Brooke visiting the doctor caring for Hope’s pregnancy, Dr. Phillips (Robin Givens). Hope Logan is a grown woman, yet her mother’s interference may set her up for a failed marriage.

Brooke’s rush to get Hope to the altar is now followed by Brooke meeting with Hope’s doctor, according to the B&B spoilers. Single-handedly the mother-of-the-bride orchestrated a quick wedding. Now the B&B spoilers suggest Brooke is meddling in Hope’s life via her doctor. None of this will be forgotten by Hope as she puts the untidy pieces of the last few weeks together.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers might just be referring to Hope acting somewhat despondent. Why else would Brooke be attempting to get Hope’s feelings on Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer to emerge? Brooke’s visit to Hope’s doctor is based on something regarding the mom-to-be.

If Hope is feeling so down that Brooke tries to get her to open up, it could be she is concerned about her daughter and her unborn baby’s welfare. Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.