‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Courtney Hope Assigns Dog Traits to Her Co-Stars

Bold and the Beautiful star Courtney Hope (AKA Sally Spectra) loves dogs so much that she even assigned canine characteristics to her co-stars. She admitted she does this out of pure admiration for the people who work with her on the CBS soap.

Courtney Hope didn’t always love dogs, in fact, for a good part of her life, she feared them. The B&B star was left with canine anxiety after a scary incident as a child. But you’d never guess this about her today as she’s surrounded with a pack of canines at home.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Spectra Actress, Courtney Hope, Once Feared Dogs

In a recent interview, the B&B star described fearing dogs ever since she was chased by one as a young child. Apparently, this event scared Courtney enough that she had no interest in dogs as a kid. But when she got older, the soap star saw a face beaming back at her while looking for her missing cat at the animal shelter. That face became her best friend for the last decade. Her name is Stevie Nicks, a Cocker Spaniel/Terrier mix.

Stevie was only three months old when the Bold and the Beautiful actress eyed her little face and she’s 10 today. After having Stevie for just three months, she adopted Addison. She’s a Shepherd/Husky/American Bulldog mix. A recent interview with K9 Magazine shed some surprising light on the dog lover in Courtney Hope. She has four dogs she thinks of as her family members today. She owned two dogs on her own, Stevie and Addison. But when her partner came into her life, so did his dog as well.

Bold and the Beautiful: Courtney Hope

B&B: Sally Spectra Actress Has a Real-Life Wyatt Spencer at Home

Courtney Hope’s character Sally Spectra is in love with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) on the Bold and the Beautiful. But in real life, it’s another soap star whom she calls her boyfriend. That’s Chad Duell, who plays Michael Corinthos on General Hospital.  Once these two became a duo, Bella the dog came along with Chad. Courtney describes Bella, a Bernedoodle, as one of the “sweetest” dogs.

To top off their family of three dogs, these two soap stars adopted another rescue together. Bentley, a Pug/Terrier mix, just celebrated his first birthday. Bentley is the only male dog in the pack. It surprised Courtney that Bentley turned out as the most “sensitive” and “affectionate” dog among their pups. So there you have it, the B&B co-star who once feared man’s best friend is now a real dog lover.

She loves canines so much that she admires their qualities and recognizes the different personalities among her pups. She even equates some of the wonderful traits she sees in dogs to some of her Bold and the Beautiful coworkers. When asked which breed of dog comes to mind based on the personalities of her fellow co-stars, she had some ideas. It seems these folks are all known dog-lovers as well.

Bold and the Beautiful Star Admires Dog Traits in Her Co-Stars

Denise Richards who plays Shauna Fulton on B&B is first up. Courtney sees Denise as a Pomeranian. She describes Denise as having the traits of this dog breed. It seems this costar is “stunning” and “well put together” like the breed. The Pomeranian breed is all of these things. Courtney also adds that much like this breed, Denise is “strong” and “spunky” as well. That’s quite the compliment to her co-star.

Patrika Darbo, who played the role of Shirley Spectra on Bold and the Beautiful, is someone who reminds Courtney of a Shih Tzu. Courtney said she always thought of Patrika as someone so “lively and affectionate”. She adds the qualities of being “very clever and outgoing”. This is how Courtney Hope sees both the Shih Tzu breed and her coworker Patrika.

Chad Duell isn’t a coworker but he’s her partner and a star on General Hospital. She sees her other half as a Beagle. The actor who plays the role of Michael Corinthos has a lot of curiosity and Courtney considers him very loyal as well. She also considers Chad “even-tempered” and “determined”. So, he reminds her of a Beagle for all his great traits, which also includes knowing how to “chill and relax”.

B&B: What about Courtney?

So what kind of pup best sounds like Courtney herself? She said it’s a tossup between a Cocker Spaniel and Beagle. If she had to pick one, Cocker Spaniel would win. Why? Because like this breed of dog this Bold and the Beautiful star sees herself as “very loving and affectionate” towards her loved ones.

Besides her role as Sally Spectra making Courtney Hope popular on B&B, she is known to the gaming world as well. For those CBS soap fans who didn’t know it, Courtney has a rather famous voice to the gaming set. She’s the voice of “Beth Wilder” from the Xbox game that spun into a TV show, Quantum Break. More recently Courtney lent her voice to the video game Control. For now, she’s sticking with the soap scene full time, though.

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