‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Comings & Goings: Sally Out – Why Did ‘B&B’ Keep Flo?

Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings confirm Sally Spectra‘s (Courtney Hope) final episodes air this week. The actress confirmed that it was “an abrupt ending” and called it a “monumental journey.” The big question for most B&B fans is why the show trashed Sally yet kept Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) – a much more diabolical character.

Bold and the Beautiful Comings & Goings: Courtney Hope “Shocked” by Sally Spectra Exit

Many fans had high hopes for Sally Spectra now that new CBS soap episodes are back. Unfortunately, B&B writers finished their hatchet job and axed Sally. And, her exit didn’t just surprise viewers. It also took Courtney’s breath away.

The Bold and the Beautiful actress thanked fans for all their support (see below). Then, Sally’s alter-ego said she was shocked like everyone else. And, in case you’re wondering how many episodes she has left – the answer is only two.

Even before Bold and the Beautiful went on hiatus, many viewers were annoyed that B&B writers trashed Sally Spectra’s character to try and redeem Flo by comparison. Plus, Flo is a Logan and the storylines always seem to put that family on top of everyone else.

Bold and the Beautiful Comings & Goings: Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

Final B&B Scenes Contradict History – Irritate Fans

Two pieces of recent Bold and the Beautiful dialogue stick out like a sore thumb. One came from Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and the other from Felonious Flo. As Sally Spectra begs from her hospital bed for forgiveness, Wyatt chewed her out.

On the recent Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt told her she broke the law by kidnapping Flo. Yet, the woman in his bed stole his sister-in-law’s baby and wrecked his brother’s life. Yet Wyatt didn’t acknowledge that Flo committed much worse crimes.

Next on Bold and the Beautiful, Flo told Sally Spectra that she had paid for her crimes. However, that contradicts known B&B history. Remember, Flo spent a day or two in jail and then got off scot-free for helping to steal and sell Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) baby. Plus, didn’t she keep the $50k baby-selling payday?

Will Sally Be Back to Bold and the Beautiful?

Right now, there are two B&B episodes left for Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra. Those will air on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 4-5. After that, it’s uncertain when we’ll see Sally again. So, why does Sally leave LA? Remember, Wyatt told Sally that she needed to go away for a while.

Yet, Flo didn’t need to go away for a while on Bold and the Beautiful after stealing a baby. So, the writers have a double standard that’s glaring. For now, it’s not clear when Sally would return – or if she will ever return. And that’s a shame because she’s got such potential.

Many Bold and the Beautiful viewers looked forward to Sally Spectra getting a fresh start and putting her failed romance with Wyatt behind her. Especially with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) back, Sally could have had a great story. Instead, they’re sticking with Felony Flo.

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