‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Brooke’s 5 Sneakiest Moves With Men

Bold and the Beautiful‘s Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) wasn’t always such a judgy pain in the backside like she is lately. In fact, way back when, she went from virginal blonde to the Sl*t of the Valley (as OG Stephanie called her).

But once Brooke dipped her toe into being a bad girl, she liked the way it felt. Although she always tries to justify her actions, in the end, Brooke Logan’s often a very naughty lady. Here’s her five sneakiest moves she’s made with men despite the fact that she thinks she’s perfect now…

#1 Brooke Logan Stole Her Daughter’s Guy on Bold and the Beautiful

Years ago on B&B, Bridge Forrester (Ashley Johnson) was hitched to Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Then, Deacon and Brooke had a drunken night together and that was a sloppy mistake. But later, Brooke embarked on a full-fledged affair with Deacon behind her daughter’s back.

And she got knocked up on Bold and the Beautiful. Newer viewers might not know that’s how she conceived Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). It was in a tawdry affair with her son-in-law. That’s sketchy for certain, but not the worst thing she’s done on Bold and the Beautiful, certainly.

#2 She Lied to Ridge Forrester About Taylor Hayes’ Death

Another naughty deed relates to Brooke’s longtime Bold and the Beautiful rival Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). Newer viewers know she’s the mom of Ridge’s kids Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Years ago, Ridge and Taylor were man and wife.

Then, Taylor “died” a tragic soap death. That, of course, meant she was alive, had amnesia, and was living in the palace of a prince. Then, Brooke Logan realized Taylor survived, but kept this from Ridge to keep him all to herself on Bold and the Beautiful.

#3 Brooke Logan Repeatedly Stole Bill Spencer From Katie Logan on Bold and the Beautiful

B&B history reminds that Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) got a heart condition and a transplanted heart from her big brother. Despite Katie’s health issues and near-death scares, Brooke Logan took Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) from her sickly sister many times on Bold and the Beautiful.

Brooke kissed Bill while Katie had postpartum depression then slept with him on and off for years lying to Katie. More recently, Bill built a secret sex room where he and Brooke Logan cheated, driving Katie into alcoholism. Bold and\ the Beautiful reminds Brooke’s a shady sister at times.

#4 Cheating on Eric Forrester With Ridge Forrester on B&B

Bold and the Beautiful comparatively small cast means twisted family entanglements. One of the creepiest is Brooke Logan sleeping with (and breeding) with both Ridge and his dad Eric Forrester (John McCook). Back in the early 90s, Brooke began sleeping with Eric when he was married.

She cheated on Eric with Ridge so when she was pregnant, she wasn’t sure who was Bridget’s father. For years, Brooke Logan tangled with father and son and remains close to both. So close that Brooke Logan cuddled with very married Eric just the other day on Bold and the Beautiful.

#5 Wrecking Taylor & Ridge’s Wedding on Bold and the Beautiful

For decades, Brooke Logan fought with Taylor over Ridge. She lied about Taylor surviving and schemed to keep Ridge away from his son Thomas. Because in the late 90s, she lied about paternity to wreck him and Taylor on Bold and the Beautiful and pull the family apart.

Plus, she wrecked Ridge and Taylor’s wedding showing up pregnant. Even though she knew the kid might not be Ridge’s (and it was not). In short, she screwed Taylor over as often as possible. Now, Brooke has Ridge yet threw their marriage away… What a messy history full of mistakes.

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