‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Is Brooke as Bad as Thomas – A Psychopath?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers wonder if Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) describes Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) or herself this week. While she rattled off a list of psychotic personality traits, plenty of these apply to her, too. Take a look at how the CBS soap’s subtly throwing shade at her history with this talk of Thomas Forrester on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Logan Checks Off Her Own Psycho Checklist?

B&B spoilers had Brooke Logan telling Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) about reading an article on psychopaths. Because, that’s what most people sit around reading… Then, Brooke repeatedly warned Hope away from Thomas Forrester. But the specific list she used was pretty funny.

For longtime Bold and the Beautiful watchers, every time she listed off a trait of a psychopath, it called to mind specific events from Brooke’s very messy history on the sudser. This sure seems like the writers are low-key shading the blonde and showing how much she and Thomas Forrester are alike.

For a woman with seven husbands and 15 marriages, Brooke Logan doesn’t have much room to criticize Thomas Forrester. Because she lied, schemed and made “twisted and destructive” choices. She said that about Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful. But, it describes her, too.

B&B Spoilers: She Says Thomas is “Totally Unhinged” – But is Brooke Unhinged Herself?

Bold and the Beautiful this week had Brooke Logan saying Thomas Forrester had an “agenda” and wants a life with Hope no matter what it takes. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the language Brooke used about Thomas – and how they apply to her too…

#1 Lacking empathy – Brooke said Thomas Forrester has no empathy meaning he didn’t care how it hurt when he let the baby swap lie go on. But did she show any empathy herself when she hopped in bed with her sister’s husband when her sis had a known heart condition on Bold and the Beautiful?

#2 Lies with a straight face – Over the years, Brooke Logan lied to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) about other men. And she fibbed and didn’t tell him Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) was alive. Like Thomas Forrester, Brooke Logan easily lies to get her way on Bold and the Beautiful.

Did Brooke Logan Do As Many Dirty Deeds as Thomas Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful?

#3 Is “glib” – Brooke Logan called Thomas glib (i.e. shallow and insincere) but that seems like another trait she’s shown in herself over the years. And remember, Thomas Forrester is a lot younger than her. She’s been behaving badly for decades on Bold and the Beautiful.

#4 Highly manipulative – Certainly Thomas Forrester’s a master manipulator. But he doesn’t hold a candle to his stepmother. She played father against son, and stole men she wanted on Bold and the Beautiful. Including her daughter, friends, and sister — repeatedly. Manipulative could be Brooke’s middle name.

#5 Assertive, aggressive and selfish – This is a laundry list of bad actions. Certainly. Thomas has been these things. But, Brooke Logan could write a “how-to” manual. She’s aggressively chased men that weren’t hers and selfishly grabbed whatever she wanted on Bold and the Beautiful.

Why Can’t Ridge See Bad Side of Thomas – Same Reason He Can’t See it in Brooke?

Brooke Logan asked why Ridge can’t see that Thomas is a psycho when she can. That was particularly funny on Bold and the Beautiful. Could it be that Ridge turns the same blind eye to his son’s antics that he turns to his wife’s repeated missteps?

And then the kicker came from Hope. She said it takes a “really sick individual” to “marry someone and keep a horrific secret”. Then, she told Brooke Logan it’s twisted to keep a mother from her child. When you ponder Brooke’s Bold and the Beautiful history, that’s her too.

Because, Brooke Logan married Ridge while telling a lie that kept him apart from his infant son Thomas. So, when Hope talked about his twisted that was, her words described Brooke’s actions too. Finally, Brooke said that Thomas Forrester is “sick and twisted” and “needs serious help”.

Longtime B&B watchers might remember Brooke’s psychotic break after she lost custody of her kids. She snapped completely. Much like Thomas fell apart after losing Caroline. So, it seems Brooke Logan hates Thomas Forrester for being a lot like her. And, CBS soap writers reminded viewers in a witty way…

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