‘Bold and the Beautiful’ 8/27/19: Liam Tells Hope That Thomas Deserves What He Got

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for 8/27/19 promise things get ugly and Liam Spencer‘s (Scott Clifton) pushing Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to forget her husband Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Basically, Liam wants her to kick him while he’s literally down. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) has a lot to say to his wife. He admitted that Thomas did wrong, but also said his son doesn’t deserve what happened. Things fall apart on Tuesday’s B&B on the CBS soap with Hope Logan, Liam Spencer, and Bridge.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 8/27/19: Ridge Forrester Claps at Brooke Logan Over His Son

On the next episode of B&B, spoilers say that Ridge Forrester has more to say to his wife. Already he told her that his son might be dead because of her. That conversation resumes on the next show and intensifies. Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) insists what happened was an accident. However, Ridge is crystal clear on what happened. He said clearly that she shoved him. He knows it was on purpose. Ridge has zero doubts that Brooke intentionally shoved his son because she’s been targeting him for months.

Brooke Logan’s stunned when Ridge accuses her to his face of trying to seriously harm his oldest son. Of course, there’s guilt and anger driving Ridge Forrester, but it’s more than that. He seems to legit believe that Brooke took advantage of this opportunity to try and get his son out of her daughter’s life once and for all. It’s a nasty accusation but may be true. And it might not be too long before Ridge repeats these shocking claims to Detective Alex Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez), hint Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

B&B Spoilers for 8/27/19: Liam Spencer Tells Hope Logan That Thomas Forrester Got Karma

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday’s episode have Liam Spencer ready to take Hope Logan to the hospital. She needs to check on the man who’s still her legal husband. When Hope tearfully told Liam that Thomas Forrester fell and might not survive, Liam was stunned for a moment. But just a moment. The fact is, Liam Spencer’s got no sympathy at all for Thomas after what he did to them. Liam Spencer is firmly Team Brooke on this matter. But Hope Logan thinks it’s awful that he fell.

She’s frantic with worry on two accounts. First, is that Hope Logan doesn’t want anyone else to die over this mess. Second, is she knows Thomas was apologizing and trying to clear things up with her when this happened. Second, she’s worried about any blow-back on her mom if someone decides this wasn’t an accident. The bottom line is Hope Logan feels bad for Thomas and Liam Spencer doesn’t like that. He tells her it’s the guy’s own fault and she should not worry, promise Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful Tuesday August 27: Bridge on the Rocks – Hope Battles Guilt

Next episode’s B&B spoilers have Brooke and Ridge fracturing. Things will get messier before they get better. No doubt, the prognosis for Thomas Forrester’s grim since he’s not woken up. And he shows no signs of coming round. The question is how bad his injuries are and whether he’ll wake from this coma. Meanwhile, Brooke’s stunned when Ridge accuses her of doing this to his son on purpose. There’s nothing she can say to convince him. He saw her push his son and Thomas go flying over the cliff.

Then, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Hope Logan fretting about her husband’s fate. But Liam Spencer doesn’t like that. He wants her to cut ties right now. However, you can bet Hope Logan’s going to be pacing the floor of the ICU, worried sick about Thomas Forrester – no matter what he’s done. Plus, when Hope and Liam Spencer show up to the ER, they find themselves right in the midst of a Brooke versus Ridge war of words with accusations flying. Wait to see what happens on the next CBS daytime episode.

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