‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge & Brooke Hit Skids – Will She Bounce to Dr Jordan Armstrong?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise a rough week ahead for Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). After she pushed Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) off a cliff, that put a damper on their marriage. Can Bridge survive this latest cataclysm? Now, Dr Jordan Armstrong (Vincent Irizarry) tends to Thomas and works to save his life.

That puts him on the sidelines watching Brooke and Ridge implode. Could this sexy doc comfort Brooke and we’ll see sparks fly? B&B fans know that the CBS soap never lets Brooke and Ridge stay happy for too long. Could it be their time is up? Take a look at what comes soon.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Forrester Accuses Brooke Logan – She Claps Back

B&B spoilers confirm Ridge Forrester’s worried sick about Thomas who lies battered and broken in the ICU. And what makes it worse is he witnessed Brooke Logan push his son over the cliff edge. He might not understand what led up to it. But he knows what he saw. She pushed his son over and now he lies near death. So, expect Ridge to make accusations about her involvement with Thomas’ fall. It’s simple to Ridge. She pushed his son who never saw it coming. Expect Brooke to shove back equally hard on Ridge as she did on Thomas… She won’t take this.

From her perspective, Thomas has his hands on Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and was scaring her. She sees this as an unfortunate accident – but totally Thomas’ fault. That’s enough to enrage Ridge Forrester. She’ll blame his son who’s now physically broken. Then things get even tenser between them when Ridge tells Detective Alex Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) what he saw. It sure seems like Ridge wants her punished. Will he push for her arrest? This may be the breaking point for Bridge. And now, there’s a hunky doctor, age-appropriate for Brooke, standing at the ready, remind Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

B&B Spoilers: Will Hunky New Doc Jordan Armstrong Comfort Brooke – and Catch Her Eye?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show Jordan Armstrong will witness some of the ugly spats between Ridge Forrester and wife Brooke Logan. Because he’s the physician working Thomas’ case, he sees the drama. Then again, he probably sees families stressing like this all the time. So, he might not take Ridge’s accusations about Brooke too seriously. Some upcoming spoilers reveal Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) offers Brooke some comfort, but he’s happily back with Katie Logan (Heather Tom), so let’s hope the soap doesn’t go there yet again. Jordan Armstrong’s a much more tempting alternative for Brooke to turn to.

Plus, why would Bold and the Beautiful cast a powerhouse actor like Vincent Irizarry for a throwaway role? The answer is they wouldn’t. There must be a bigger arc coming for him. What seems more likely is that Brooke Logan gets involved with Jordan. Since Ridge Forrester’s calling the cops on her, that doesn’t bode well for the Bridge marriage. And Jordan Armstrong’s an age-appropriate hottie. Plus, longtime viewers know Brooke Logan never stays with the same man too long. And it would be wonderfully refreshing to see her with someone besides Ridge and Bill. So, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease we might see a Brooke-Jordan pairing.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bridge Broken by Thomas and Hope Drama?

Things have been rough for a while between Brooke Logan and hubby Ridge Forrester, remind B&B spoilers. Ever since Thomas set his sights on Hope, Brooke has been trash-talking Ridge’s son. As for her husband, he doesn’t like the way she’s dissed Thomas for months. What’s worse is that everything she said about his son was spot-on. He’s a villain who went overboard. Also, Ridge hates nothing more than being proven wrong. And this situation with Thomas going after Hope showed he misread his son’s intentions. Plus, Ridge Forrester feels guilty and blames himself for Thomas going nuts.

So, there’s a lot of angst between Brooke Logan and husband Ridge Forrester, promise Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. They’re soon at each other’s throats and their marriage hits the skids. Will Jordan Armstrong be there with a strong shoulder for Brooke to cry on? It seems likely that he might heal Thomas but could also heat things up with Ridge Forrester’s wife. Wait to see how this goes on B&B as the tension between Brooke Logan and her husband ratchets up. And see what role Jordan Armstrong plays in the Bridge breakdown.

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