Big Brother 20: Swaggy C Curses Out America With F-Bomb

Big Brother 20 spoilers reveal that Swaggy C, whose real name is Chris Williams, is not pleased he’s not the most trending houseguest on BB20. A new feature this season is houseguests can receive a power app for trending the most and a punishment app for trending the least. So, far Swaggy C has not received either one.

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Swaggy C’s remarks to America

Entitled Swaggy C was shocked when he didn’t get a power app the first week. When Samantha “Sam” Bledsoe received the first power app for trending the most, Swaggy said he was going to give the public a second chance. He pleaded with America to vote for him the second week. When he didn’t get the app for trending the most the second time around, he lashed out at America.

America thought Tyler Crispen was more deserving of the power app the second week. The 23-year-old day trader stood in the BB App Store and gave an itemized list of things he has done so far.  He reminded viewers that he was the one who saved his group of eight after his first competition. Besides, he has won other competitions on Big Brother 20 so far this season.

Jessica Graf’s Big Brother 20 poll about Swaggy C

Jessica Graf, who was in a showmance with Cody Nickson on Big Brother 19, conducted a poll on Twitter. She asked followers if they wanted Swaggy to stay.  An overwhelming 65 percent of them said they did not want him to stay. Only 35 percent said he should stay to keep the house even.

Comments that followed were not all kind ones. Most people say he is annoying because he is promoting himself. On the other hand, some of those who want him to stay say the show would be boring without him. Later, Bayleigh nagged Swaggy into apologizing to American and then he forced her to say “sorry” too.

Swaggy C is this week’s target

Toofab reports that Swaggy is the target this week, and he will continue to be the target until he is eliminated.  The report says he is the most annoying player in the game. He is in a showmance with Bayleigh Dayton who has cautioned him about his attitude.

Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman nominated Scottie Salton and Winston Hines for eviction, but her real target this week is Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.  Kaitlyn plans to backdoor him, according to Reality TV World.

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